Ashley Pennell
Text Talks
Sun Sep 7, 2014 11:59

Melissa and Susan,

I have used text talks every year and plan to continue using them with my first graders. I have found that introducing vocabulary as it appears in context is effective and gives my students a greater appreciation for those higher-level words. In the past I have incorporated text talks into my daily read aloud.

  • Response to Melissa- Word Nerds - Susan Gibson, Sat Sep 6 14:29
    Melissa, I really did love certain aspects of using the Word Nerds layout but it took a lot class time to introduce the words. So I believe I will cut that out. Since I have moved to 3rd grade, I... more
    • Text Talks - Ashley Pennell, Sun Sep 7 11:59
      • Text Talks - Susan Gibson, Sun Sep 7 20:57
        I am excited that I will be able to use them in third grade this year. I think I read somewhere that they are more a K-3 strategy so I never used them with my 4th graders. I plan on using them as a... more
      • Text talk - Melissa Boyd, Sun Sep 7 14:22
        Thanks Susan and Ashley! I do have the book, but have not read it yet. I will move it to the top of my stack!
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