Music and Reading
Sun Sep 7, 2014 18:43

You are so right about the correlation between music and reading! Our music teacher at our school is very good to inform us of who in her class is having trouble with certain lessons and it always seems to relate to their performance in reading. While I am not a music educator in schools, I have a background in music and have taught private lessons in percussion for the last 12 years. I love to use music in my classroom when I can to teach certain subjects. I would really be interested in your ideas to research the gap with fluency through the use of music. It might be something I could incorporate in my 2nd grade classroom! :)

  • The more and more I interact with you language specialists, the more I'm realizing that my concerns and interests in helping my music students become better readers are one in the same with many of... more
    • Music and Reading - foxemilyk, Sun Sep 7 18:43
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