Ashley Carter
ADHD Reply
Sun Sep 7, 2014 19:38

Increases in ADHD diagnoses are definitely a concern of mine as well! I especially can relate to what you said about a small group of students affecting the course of an entire classroom. It's hard to maintain plans and structure when some students can be a little unpredictable. It's quite a tough job to keep other students on track while other students are distracting the whole class, teacher included. Your implementation of WBT sounds so interesting and I look forward to hearing how it goes for you throughout the year.

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    • ADHD Reply - Ashley Carter, Sun Sep 7 19:38
    • WBT and ADHD - Susan Gibson , Sat Sep 6 14:24
      That is great that you are getting to be a model classroom for WBT. I have used some aspects of it for the past year and a half and love what I use. I haven't quite tackled using the writing... more
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