Ashley Carter
RE: Reading Motivation
Sun Sep 7, 2014 19:46

As someone who loves to read, I share your enthusiasm for wanting to make sure that students maintain a love for reading. It definitely seems that the passion decreases once students are reading to learn, rather than learning to read. How do we, as teachers, not only teach through texts but teach children to love the texts? Also, I find myself concerned with the fact that there is less and less time for students to read for pleasure. Teachers can assign this to be done at home, but without parent support, how can we guarantee it gets done? I agree with your suggestions for motivating students to read more and keep that love for reading that so often dims as they age.

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    • reading - Candie, Sun Sep 7 20:28
      I also believe children need to find that love of learning and reading at an early age. I see it every year that not enough reading goes on at home. I wish it was much.
    • RE: Reading Motivation - Ashley Carter, Sun Sep 7 19:46
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        • RE: Reading More - Ashley Carter, Tue Sep 9 09:46
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