Topics for Research
Sun Sep 7, 2014 20:01

I am a kindergarten teacher. My students seem pretty good so far, but I have thought about classroom management. How to get them to follow directions and learn what they are supposed to without constantly dealing with behavior issues. I don't know how far I would get with that research.
I have also thought A LOT about writing. I do not think I know how to write well and I do not thing I have the right skills to teach writing to kindergarteners proficiently. I think I could learn a lot if I researched writing.

  • Potential Areas of Research - koppenhaverd, Mon Sep 1 14:46
    1) Write two one-paragraph descriptions of two topics (in your classroom, teaching, student learning) that raise questions for you. Just describe them. 2) After others have added their descriptions,... more
    • Topics for Research - Candie, Sun Sep 7 20:01
    • comprehension and round-robbin - floodba, Sun Sep 7 18:55
      The first topic that raises questions for me is comprehension. Comprehension is something that students must have when reading in order to gain the information from what they are reading. Not only is ... more
      • It seems like your two topics can go hand in hand. I'm not aware of round robbin method, but it seems like this is a type of formative assessment that is outdated and inefficient. I think that... more
      • Round Robin Bronwyn - Ashley Pennell, Sun Sep 7 20:17
        When I first started teaching, I also questioned the effectiveness of round robin, yet still used it in my classroom -- likely because I was all that I knew. During that same year I turned to... more
    • Vocabulary and Small Group Instruction - Kasey Gaines, Sun Sep 7 17:11
      Although I have not had a classroom of my own yet, I do have a few worries and concerns when it comes to teaching. One of these concerns is vocabulary. During my internship in Block 2 the teacher... more
      • Vocabulary and Small group instruction - Susan Gibson, Sun Sep 7 21:06
        Since you haven't started teaching yet, I would highly recommend reading "Bringing Words to Life:Robust Vocabulary Instruction". They discuss the three tiers of words and how to decided which ones to ... more
        • Very Helpful - Kasey Gaines, Tue Sep 9 12:49
          Thank you so much, you gave me some great tips! I will definitely have to buy "Bringing Words to Life: Robust Vocabulary Instruction", that seems like such a great research. When I was in a 2nd/3rd... more
        • Small group instruction - Laura Hansen, Sun Sep 7 21:56
          I enjoyed reading your input regarding small group instruction. This year I am thinking I will end up doing small group within the "small group" pull out time. I like your suggestions of activities... more
          • Fluency Center - Susan Gibson, Mon Sep 8 18:57
            I plan on using some of the fluency resources from the florida center for reading research during this time. Also I have some fluency task cards I bought off TPT I plan on using for repeated... more
            • Fluency Center reply - Laura Hansen, Mon Sep 8 22:37
              That's awesome, Susan. You really have put a lot of thought into ways to incorporate fluency into your teaching. I would love to see some of your resources if you could e-mail them! Thanks for... more
              • Fluency response - sg70349, Tue Sep 9 19:51
                I'll send some of them to you tonight. But it looks like you are getting a lot accomplished so far with your groups. We start assessing our students this week so I'll be able to see who really needs... more
            • Fluency - Emily Fox, Mon Sep 8 21:12
              I am also planning to put more of an emphasis on fluency this year! My 2nd grade team has discussed having the students do repeated readings with each other as well, Lauren. We saw much excitement... more
              • Repeated Readings - Laura Hansen, Mon Sep 8 22:44
                That is great! I shared repeated readings with another EC teacher and she is teaching her 5th graders how to work in partners to complete repeated readings. I agree with you that it is definitely an... more
                • Repeated readings - Melissa Boyd, Tue Sep 9 11:59
                  Laura, I am very interested in using repeated readings in an effort to increase fluency. I saw what a difference it made this summer in the clinic and look forward to trying it with my students. I... more
    • Effective Small Group Instruction for Struggling Readers One of my current literacy interests lies in effective beginning reading instruction, specifically with struggling readers. In my few years of ... more
      • Effective workshop - Rachel Yakey , Wed Sep 10 21:15
        Ashely, I have the same questions as you do within a workshop setting. At the middle school level you often have students who haven't received services but now qualify or students that have been... more
      • Small Group Instruction - Kasey Gaines, Sun Sep 7 22:06
        I am also interested in small group instruction. During my Block 2 internship my teacher used small group instruction for reading and spelling, and it was awesome! They did so well on their own and I ... more
      • reading - Candie, Sun Sep 7 20:28
        I also believe children need to find that love of learning and reading at an early age. I see it every year that not enough reading goes on at home. I wish it was much.
      • RE: Reading Motivation - Ashley Carter, Sun Sep 7 19:46
        As someone who loves to read, I share your enthusiasm for wanting to make sure that students maintain a love for reading. It definitely seems that the passion decreases once students are reading to... more
        • Reading More - Emily Fox, Mon Sep 8 21:23
          One of the simplest and most extraordinary things I've heard in grad school is that in order to get kids to read better, we must let them read more. This may have been a quote from Dr. Morris (I... more
          • RE: Reading More - Ashley Carter, Tue Sep 9 09:46
            That's a great point about letting kids read instead of listening to their teacher talk about reading. I am so bad about going on about something for so long, that when it comes time to actually do... more
    • Differentiation - catheyt, Sun Sep 7 10:52
      It sounds like many of us are concerned with how to best differentiate our instruction. Each of our classrooms come with such a wide variety of learners, whether we are in K or 7th grade. Its a... more
      • Differentiation - Candie, Sun Sep 7 20:39
        Differentiation is an issue in kindergarten. We have some children that come in knowing all their letters while other children come in and don't know the difference between letters and numbers and... more
      • Re: Differentiation - Ashley Pennell, Sun Sep 7 11:53
        Today there is no choice but to differentiate instruction if your intention is to reach all of your students. We always hear that we should do the best we can with our limited resources, but... more
        • RE: Differentiation Ashley P - Ashley Carter, Sun Sep 7 19:41
          I could not have said it better myself! Sometimes I think we are doing too much to differentiate instruction. Students are experiencing all sorts of interventions with 10% effort, rather than say 2... more
    • Differentiating independent work during readerís workshop I teach kindergarten in Davidson County. We use the Readerís Workshop model: mini lesson, guided practice, independent work, closure. As... more
      • differentiating independent work - Laura Hansen, Sun Sep 7 16:11
        Tavia, I agree that finding rigorous yet do-able independent work is a challenge. I think this year in order to differentiate and meet all my students' needs within small group time, there is going... more
      • Word study - Melissa Boyd, Sun Sep 7 14:25
        Tavia, I also have the same questions about word study with my first graders. My plan is to introduce a word study concept in small group and then incorporate more word study activities into work... more
    • Small group reading - finding what works Finding accurate instructional levels and using instructional level text Ways to build word recognition for students with reading disabilities Effectiveness... more
    • The more and more I interact with you language specialists, the more I'm realizing that my concerns and interests in helping my music students become better readers are one in the same with many of... more
      • Music and Reading - foxemilyk, Sun Sep 7 18:43
        You are so right about the correlation between music and reading! Our music teacher at our school is very good to inform us of who in her class is having trouble with certain lessons and it always... more
    • Fluency and Vocabulary - Melissa Boyd, Sat Sep 6 13:48
      In my classroom, I am watching many of my first graders struggle with books that should be appropriate for their age and development. They are still sounding out sight words, reading very slowly and... more
      • Same problem-different Language - sellewc, Sun Sep 7 23:18
        It is interesting (and sometimes a little humorous) to see the sounding out, and slow reading process in music. The hurdles you see in fluency of your students are the same problems I notice in music ... more
      • Vocabulary - Candie, Sun Sep 7 20:54
        I do worry about fluency but not as much as I do vocabulary. We teach vocabulary, send home vocabulary, use it in centers, and discuss it in small groups. It seems like it will never come for some of ... more
    • Focusing and Writing - Tracy Cornacchio, Sat Sep 6 12:30
      In my kindergarten classroom I have multiple student who have trouble with focusing and staying on task. I know they have a short attention span, and they are not very independent. I would like to... more
      • Writing - Candie, Sun Sep 7 21:06
        Writing is a topic I would like to research too. I need to find the best way to teach writing and hopefully that will help me feel more confident in my own writing as well.
      • Re: Focusing and Writing - floodba, Sun Sep 7 18:58
        Hi Tracy! I definitely understand those worries! I have a difficult time as well focusing my students in third grade. I worked with a third grade class last year on being more independent. At the... more
    • Emily- ADHD & Vocabulary - foxemilyk, Sat Sep 6 11:12
      ADHD seems to be a growing diagnosis amongst all of our students. Our school sees this in our students often and it has become a new interest of mine. There is still big debate of whether all the... more
      • ADHD Reply - Ashley Carter, Sun Sep 7 19:38
        Increases in ADHD diagnoses are definitely a concern of mine as well! I especially can relate to what you said about a small group of students affecting the course of an entire classroom. It's hard... more
      • WBT and ADHD - Susan Gibson , Sat Sep 6 14:24
        That is great that you are getting to be a model classroom for WBT. I have used some aspects of it for the past year and a half and love what I use. I haven't quite tackled using the writing... more
    • Vocabulary -Stacy, Susan, and me - Rachel Yakey, Sat Sep 6 06:34
      It seems that Stacy, Susan, and I all have the same thoughts and struggles with vocabulary instruction. What is the best way to help our students acquire new vocabulary and then apply vocabulary... more
      • Vocabulary - Susan Gibson, Sat Sep 6 14:31
        Vocabulary seems to be a big trend among the class. I think that is the area that teachers still feel like we haven't mastered yet. Maybe if some of us choose that as a research question, the whole... more
      • Vocabulary - Stacy, Sat Sep 6 09:05
        There are so many schools of thought and research out there about what is supposed to work for students. It can be overwhelming to decide how it should be done, and to come up with a way to assess... more
    • Ashley Carter Differentiation and EC vs. Com Core - Ashley Carter, Fri Sep 5 22:07
      Differentiation In an EC classroom, differentiation is the basis for all instruction. Every single student will need specialized instruction at some point. Because there are not enough hours in the... more
      • Common Core VS. EC - Susan Gibson, Sun Sep 7 21:16
        I think what you are saying is a huge struggle. For the past two years I taught the low math students because we ability grouped in 4th grade. Last year 11 out of 15 students were E.C. The E.C.... more
      • Differentiation - Laura Hansen, Sat Sep 6 21:49
        Ashley, I think it is great that you are so devoted to providing for the needs of your students as individuals. This is a constant struggle in the EC classroom, especially with time limits,... more
      • Falling through the cracks - Melissa Boyd, Sat Sep 6 13:59
        I share your concerns about the EC classroom and extend those same concerns to my non-EC classroom. I have several students who do not qualify for EC services as first graders but will probably... more
        • Falling through the cracks reply - Laura Hansen, Sat Sep 6 21:58
          Melissa I understand your struggle with students who fall through the cracks. It can be very frustrating. However, keep your ears open. The last I heard, the discrepancy model for learning... more
          • Falling - Melissa Boyd, Sun Sep 7 14:20
            Thanks for the information, Laura. That sounds promising! I will keep my ears open. Please keep me posted on any news you might receive.
    • Potential Areas of Research - kimeljk, Fri Sep 5 15:51
      Topics for Research 1. Addressing struggling readers, on grade level readers, and above grade level readers all at the same time. 2. Teaching a student with Aspergerís or a student with Autism 3. How ... more
      • Differentiation - Laura Hansen, Sat Sep 6 22:06
        Differentiation is a constant struggle. It is difficult to plan and try to meet the needs of all your students. I think some teachers think that EC teachers don't struggle as much with this. I can... more
    • List of topics: 1. Effective guided reading group instruction 2. Writing skills 3. Teaching the English language to ESL or ELL students 4. Effectively teaching sight words 5. How to best teach a... more
      • Reading & Writing - Candie, Sun Sep 7 21:22
        I teach Letterland for phonics too and my students love it. Daily 5 is starting at my school and we are learning how to use it with our students. I hope it does help my students. I don't want to... more
      • Daily 5 - catheyt, Sun Sep 7 10:49
        I am interested in the Daily 5 also. I struggle with wanting to provide enough structure in my workshop time, but I also want my students to learn to manage their time independently. I'm interested... more
      • Writing - Tracy Nicole Cornacchio, Sat Sep 6 12:33
        I also teach kindergarten and find it very difficult to get them where they need to be at the end of the year with thier wriritng. Just like you said these students come to you with little to no... more
        • Writing throughout the grade levels - Rachel Yakey, Sat Sep 6 21:29
          I think writing is a thought about question throughout the grade levels. Even at the middle school level it is a struggle to balance writing expectations with reading (especially when only reading is ... more
      • hodgete and noltja kindergarten reading - noltja, Sat Sep 6 09:15
        It looks as though our concerns about kindergarten readiness and learning are similar. I've also worked in schools where Letterland and Daily 5 are used in conjunction. I've had the same concerns... more
        • Read to self - Candie, Sun Sep 7 21:36
          We, as a grade level, have been talking about read to self in Daily 5. We said they can't read and will probably roll all over the floor. So, now I know unless I can figure out a better way to use... more
        • Read to Self - Melissa Boyd, Sat Sep 6 13:54
          I have experienced the exact things about read to self that you have discussed, in my first grade class. I have added things like read the pictures, retell the story, and listen to reading to this... more
        • read to self - hodgete, Sat Sep 6 09:49
          Exactly! How is a student who can't read supposed to 'read to self' for 20 minutes? Each student has a book box that they can choose to read from that has little paper books that have nothing but... more
      • I had a similar thought about how to address the struggling readers in my classroom, without holding anyone back or making the above grade level students "bored." How do you address all the students... more
    • Rachel - Diagnostic and Vocabulary - Rachel Yakey, Thu Sep 4 10:41
      Diagnosing reading struggles has been a constant problem in my 7th grade ELA (4 sections/1 Inclusion) classroom over the past few years. As students enter my room many are 3-5 years below grade level ... more
      • Vocabulary Excitement - foxemilyk, Sat Sep 6 11:27
        Ideas are running through my brain as I think about middle schoolers and vocabulary. I think just the term "vocabulary" made me want to vomit when I was in 7th grade (and I was a good student who... more
        • Words/Vocab Excitement - Rachel Yakey, Sat Sep 6 21:24
          Yes Emily I totally agree! And I loved your comment to Susan as well. It would be really neat to get the kids into a game like those you mentioned. It would take some thought because the group I have ... more
    • Jessica - Kindergarten Readiness & ELL - noltja, Thu Sep 4 03:18
      I am not currently teaching in a classroom because I am a full time grad student. I will use last years teaching experience as a reading specialist working with k-5th grade students for my research.... more
      • already behind - catheyt, Sun Sep 7 10:46
        Jessice- that prior experience before school is so important! Its not even preschool that is needed (though these students are usually better prepared) but it's also that literacy experience at home. ... more
        • Re: already behind - noltja 65, Sun Sep 7 15:13
          Yes, I agree the language/literacy experience that they get at home is so very important! We need to educate parents on the importance of literacy from birth!
      • I am also interested in ELL students and how to best serve them. The ELL students I have worked with all work very hard and participate and do their homework, but they are still unable to keep up... more
        • re:ELL - Anonymous, Fri Sep 5 19:33
          I totally agree. It is heartbreaking to watch these sweet kids slipping through the cracks. I had a year of hopeful moments...pairing a new ELL kinder boy with a fifth grade girl ELL for mentoring... more
          • last comment - noltja, Sat Sep 6 09:03
            I was signed out, but that last comment was from me:) Jessica
    • Workshop and Vocabulary - Stacy, Wed Sep 3 19:10
      Reading Workshop: focused on a framework for students to have more hands-on literacy practice. This year, my classes are trying a workshop approach to reading practice. I learned about this approach... more
      • Reading Workshop - Laura Hansen, Sat Sep 6 22:15
        Stacy, I am so excited for your reading workshop endeavors! How exciting! I also think it is wonderful that you were able to get team members on board with you! I am looking at trying to do something ... more
      • Workshop - Rachel Yakey, Sat Sep 6 21:27
        Stacy, I like your topic of reading workshops as well as the vocab. I think the ultimate goal I was thinking when talking about the diagnostic were similar topics we talked about during our clinical... more
    • 1) One area that has always being concerning to me is vocabulary. We can teach students to decode and use comprehension strategies as they read, but if they donít know what words mean they are going... more
      • Vocabulary - Kasey Gaines, Sun Sep 7 21:18
        I have not started teaching yet, but building my students vocabulary is a major concern for me as well. I have been exposed to great ways of teaching new words, but am still wanting to find better... more
      • Word Nerds - Melissa Boyd, Sat Sep 6 14:03
        One of the best resources I have read and used for teaching vocabulary instruction is Word Nerds. Thanks Susan for sharing this book. I would be interested to know if this is something you continue... more
        • Response to Melissa- Word Nerds - Susan Gibson, Sat Sep 6 14:29
          Melissa, I really did love certain aspects of using the Word Nerds layout but it took a lot class time to introduce the words. So I believe I will cut that out. Since I have moved to 3rd grade, I... more
          • Text Talks - Ashley Pennell, Sun Sep 7 11:59
            Melissa and Susan, I have used text talks every year and plan to continue using them with my first graders. I have found that introducing vocabulary as it appears in context is effective and gives my ... more
            • Text Talks - Susan Gibson, Sun Sep 7 20:57
              I am excited that I will be able to use them in third grade this year. I think I read somewhere that they are more a K-3 strategy so I never used them with my 4th graders. I plan on using them as a... more
            • Text talk - Melissa Boyd, Sun Sep 7 14:22
              Thanks Susan and Ashley! I do have the book, but have not read it yet. I will move it to the top of my stack!
      • Right with you Susan! - foxemilyk, Sat Sep 6 11:20
        I am right there with you Susan. I know exactly the stresses you are feeling about teaching 3rd grade. With last year being the first year of Read to Achieve, we were all a little clueless about what ... more
        • Researching together - sg70349, Mon Sep 8 19:02
          That sounds like a great idea to me. It will be nice to see things from both perspectives. As I said in another post, I love the "college talk". So far I've just been getting students interesting in... more
      • Leveled texts, Grade level, and vocab - Stacy, Sat Sep 6 09:09
        I am right with you. I believe that your 2 ideas are directly tied together. I don't think we can affect one part without the other. The vocab goes with the reading level issue. Good thoughts.
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