Sun Sep 7, 2014 20:54

I do worry about fluency but not as much as I do vocabulary. We teach vocabulary, send home vocabulary, use it in centers, and discuss it in small groups. It seems like it will never come for some of the students.

  • Fluency and Vocabulary - Melissa Boyd, Sat Sep 6 13:48
    In my classroom, I am watching many of my first graders struggle with books that should be appropriate for their age and development. They are still sounding out sight words, reading very slowly and... more
    • Same problem-different Language - sellewc, Sun Sep 7 23:18
      It is interesting (and sometimes a little humorous) to see the sounding out, and slow reading process in music. The hurdles you see in fluency of your students are the same problems I notice in music ... more
    • Vocabulary - Candie, Sun Sep 7 20:54
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