Susan Gibson
Vocabulary and Small group instruction
Sun Sep 7, 2014 21:06

Since you haven't started teaching yet, I would highly recommend reading "Bringing Words to Life:Robust Vocabulary Instruction". They discuss the three tiers of words and how to decided which ones to teach. The authors give ways to introduce the words and activities for students to truly understand a word. Also, I learned in a class last fall that any word can be taught to a child at any level. It's all about how you teach it. Hopefully that book will help you in the future.

As far as small group instruction goes, it is one of my favorite ways to teach. In my opinion it's where the students learn the most. It is all about having activities for the students to do while you are working with your small group. Also, you need to model, model, model the expectations for a good month before you start the small groups so they will know exactly what you want them to do. Some of the things I have my students do while I'm meeting with my groups are read to self, a fluency center, writing center, and vocabulary center. I have used those with my fourth graders and they knew the routine and I had no problems. We will see how it goes with 3rd graders this year.

  • Vocabulary and Small Group Instruction - Kasey Gaines, Sun Sep 7 17:11
    Although I have not had a classroom of my own yet, I do have a few worries and concerns when it comes to teaching. One of these concerns is vocabulary. During my internship in Block 2 the teacher... more
    • Vocabulary and Small group instruction - Susan Gibson, Sun Sep 7 21:06
      • Very Helpful - Kasey Gaines, Tue Sep 9 12:49
        Thank you so much, you gave me some great tips! I will definitely have to buy "Bringing Words to Life: Robust Vocabulary Instruction", that seems like such a great research. When I was in a 2nd/3rd... more
      • Small group instruction - Laura Hansen, Sun Sep 7 21:56
        I enjoyed reading your input regarding small group instruction. This year I am thinking I will end up doing small group within the "small group" pull out time. I like your suggestions of activities... more
        • Fluency Center - Susan Gibson, Mon Sep 8 18:57
          I plan on using some of the fluency resources from the florida center for reading research during this time. Also I have some fluency task cards I bought off TPT I plan on using for repeated... more
          • Fluency Center reply - Laura Hansen, Mon Sep 8 22:37
            That's awesome, Susan. You really have put a lot of thought into ways to incorporate fluency into your teaching. I would love to see some of your resources if you could e-mail them! Thanks for... more
            • Fluency response - sg70349, Tue Sep 9 19:51
              I'll send some of them to you tonight. But it looks like you are getting a lot accomplished so far with your groups. We start assessing our students this week so I'll be able to see who really needs... more
          • Fluency - Emily Fox, Mon Sep 8 21:12
            I am also planning to put more of an emphasis on fluency this year! My 2nd grade team has discussed having the students do repeated readings with each other as well, Lauren. We saw much excitement... more
            • Repeated Readings - Laura Hansen, Mon Sep 8 22:44
              That is great! I shared repeated readings with another EC teacher and she is teaching her 5th graders how to work in partners to complete repeated readings. I agree with you that it is definitely an... more
              • Repeated readings - Melissa Boyd, Tue Sep 9 11:59
                Laura, I am very interested in using repeated readings in an effort to increase fluency. I saw what a difference it made this summer in the clinic and look forward to trying it with my students. I... more
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