Susan Gibson
Common Core VS. EC
Sun Sep 7, 2014 21:16

I think what you are saying is a huge struggle. For the past two years I taught the low math students because we ability grouped in 4th grade. Last year 11 out of 15 students were E.C. The E.C. teacher came into my room for inclusion for an hour every daily. Together we made the decision that we needed to do what was best for the students. So instead of trying to rush through every math concept so that we could fit it all in, we decided to wait until the students had mastered big concepts before moving to others. It was amazing watching the kids feel successful for the first time in their lives. They became confident in themselves and some of them transformed as the year went on because we simply took the time to teach them until mastery.

I think with reading that is the same thing. Students need to be able to read before they can read for meaning. If they can't print process the text then they are going to struggle for the rest of their lives. We as teachers sometimes have to look past the test and look at a student's future and how to make them successful people.

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    • Common Core VS. EC - Susan Gibson, Sun Sep 7 21:16
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      Ashley, I think it is great that you are so devoted to providing for the needs of your students as individuals. This is a constant struggle in the EC classroom, especially with time limits,... more
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        Melissa I understand your struggle with students who fall through the cracks. It can be very frustrating. However, keep your ears open. The last I heard, the discrepancy model for learning... more
        • Falling - Melissa Boyd, Sun Sep 7 14:20
          Thanks for the information, Laura. That sounds promising! I will keep my ears open. Please keep me posted on any news you might receive.
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