Best practices that will improve Comprehension?
Sun Sep 7, 2014 23:10

It seems like your two topics can go hand in hand. I'm not aware of round robbin method, but it seems like this is a type of formative assessment that is outdated and inefficient. I think that research in this are may look in to the frequency of feedback and teacher assessment for comprehension. Hypothesis: Student comprehension of reading material will be increased by exploring and implementing alternative formative assessments as a replacement for "Round Robbin Reading"

  • comprehension and round-robbin - floodba, Sun Sep 7 18:55
    The first topic that raises questions for me is comprehension. Comprehension is something that students must have when reading in order to gain the information from what they are reading. Not only is ... more
    • Best practices that will improve Comprehension? - sellewc, Sun Sep 7 23:10
    • Round Robin Bronwyn - Ashley Pennell, Sun Sep 7 20:17
      When I first started teaching, I also questioned the effectiveness of round robin, yet still used it in my classroom -- likely because I was all that I knew. During that same year I turned to... more
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