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Same problem-different Language
Sun Sep 7, 2014 23:18

It is interesting (and sometimes a little humorous) to see the sounding out, and slow reading process in music. The hurdles you see in fluency of your students are the same problems I notice in music reading. It is difficult to make the step from reciting fluently to putting it all together comprehension wise. You are right though that adding inflection and the overall flow of natural reading tempo is crucial as building blocks of comprehension, and instilling an excitement and joy for reading. Students in music that can get past this step quickly become more engaged and excited when they read and play music as well.

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    In my classroom, I am watching many of my first graders struggle with books that should be appropriate for their age and development. They are still sounding out sight words, reading very slowly and... more
    • Same problem-different Language - sellewc, Sun Sep 7 23:18
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      I do worry about fluency but not as much as I do vocabulary. We teach vocabulary, send home vocabulary, use it in centers, and discuss it in small groups. It seems like it will never come for some of ... more
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