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Ashley Pennell
We're always reflecting
Mon Sep 8, 2014 00:06

I think that our need to continuously reflect on what we're doing and how our students are doing is what makes teaching so challenging. I do think that effective teachers are never completely satisfied with what they are doing in the classroom because they always see the potential for growth and improvement. Perhaps having an "research label" on this act of reflecting makes it more powerful to outsiders who may not understand that active reflection is something we do every day.

  • Teacher Power! - Melissa Boyd, Wed Sep 3 18:18
    I think that teachers actively conduct research in their classrooms everyday. As a teacher, I am continually reflecting on my teaching practices and students learning (What's working? Not working?... more
    • We're always reflecting - Ashley Pennell, Mon Sep 8 00:06
    • Voice - Susan Gibson , Wed Sep 3 21:20
      I agree with you 100 percent about this type of teacher research giving us a voice. I think that other teachers want to see proof whether something is working in classrooms before they try something... more
      • empowerment - Laura Hansen, Thu Sep 4 22:06
        Susan, you make an excellent point. Often times, we as teachers, (especially graduate students) get so excited about things we are learning and we are eager to share these ideas with others. It is... more
    • voice - Stacy, Wed Sep 3 18:28
      I agree that the teachers' voices are often overlooked and underutilized in decision making. I also think that the students themselves will have a stronger voice because we are intent on "listening"... more
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