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Teacher Action Research
Mon Sep 8, 2014 01:24

Teacher Action Research isn't what I originally thought it was. I thought it was just researching a topic. I learned that Teacher Action Research is researching a topic, but it is much, much more. Teachers research a topic that will be beneficial to them. The research is something they can use in the classroom with their students. After observing, discussing, and assessing their students, the teacher knows what is needed to help improve his/her students academically. The Action part of the research is getting to use it with the students. Trying the research out and analyzing the results. Teachers always have to reflect on their teaching, so they can give the best instruction for their students.

  • Teacher Action Research - koppenhaverd, Mon Sep 1 14:28
    Discuss just what teacher research, or teacher action research, is. What do you understand clearly? What confuses you? What are key concepts? Key processes? Key actions? Key beliefs? Do NOT post... more
    • Teacher Action Research - Candie, Mon Sep 8 01:24
    • My view of Action Research - sellewc, Sat Sep 6 17:00
      What is Action Research? In my mind, and as a music teacher, action research is a form of formative assessment for the profession. Rather than assessing the student, the intent of the research would... more
    • OOps! inquiry for teachers by teachers - catheyt, Sat Sep 6 13:31
      I thought of teacher research as professional researchers and PHDs studying student learning, teaching strategies and classroom settings. After reading this weeks assignments, Iíve learned that the... more
    • Re: Teacher Action Research - Anonymous, Sat Sep 6 13:30
      I thought of teacher research as professional researchers and PHDs studying student learning, teaching strategies and classroom settings. After reading this weeks assignments, Iíve learned that the... more
    • Teacher Action Research - Tracy Nicole Cornacchio, Sat Sep 6 12:53
      Before reading this chapter I though a teacher researcher was just a teacher who researched a topic to benifit his or her teaching. After reading this chapter I now know that this is not what teacher ... more
    • Teacher Reflection- a cycle - hodgete, Sat Sep 6 09:27
      I at first thought that teacher research was when a teacher literally researched a topic in order to teach it to his or her students. The text gave different terms for teacher research, one of which... more
      • voices heard - catheyt, Sat Sep 6 13:39
        That's great that you were able to participate in a group and your voice was heard! So often school districts spend vast amounts of money on implementing new curriculum that they are unwilling to... more
    • Teacher Action Research - Ashley Carter, Fri Sep 5 21:08
      For an elective course last spring, I took a research course that gave non-researchers an idea of how to understand research papers and articles. We did a unit on action research, so I thought that I ... more
    • Teacher Action Research - Kasey Gaines, Fri Sep 5 09:54
      Teacher action research to me is essentially research conducted by a teacher in his, or her own classroom. It excites me that through this type of research teachers are able to have a voice. Teachers ... more
    • Teacher Action Research - Laura Hansen, Thu Sep 4 21:32
      I read this chapter a few times as I tried to develop an understanding of teacher research. I originally thought much like Melissa that teachers do "research" regularly, finding new ideas and trying... more
      • Re: Teacher Action Research - Tracy Nicole Cornacchio, Sat Sep 6 12:56
        I also had the same initial though about what a teacher reseacher was. After reading this chapter I learned their is an intentional and systmatic way to being a teacher researcher.
      • Example - Rachel Yakey, Sat Sep 6 06:18
        Laura, I am new to this teacher research idea like everyone one else and I am wishing for a more concrete example. However, I feel like I have perhaps done some teacher research albeit accidentally.... more
        • Example reply - Laura Hansen, Sat Sep 6 20:31
          Rachel, That is really great that you were able to look at your students' data reflectively and were able to determine it effectiveness with groups of students. I could understand that as an example... more
      • RE: Teacher Action Research - Ashley Carter, Fri Sep 5 21:14
        I also thought that action research referred to the "research" that teachers are doing, what seems like, every day in their classrooms as they teach. It seems to be a little more in depth than that,... more
        • Special Education - Laura Hansen, Sat Sep 6 20:37
          I agree with you about the benefit of looking at individual situations deeply. I also am a special education teacher and see great value in reflecting on what works and doesn't especially for... more
    • No one asked a teacher... - noltja, Wed Sep 3 19:08
      As I read through this first chapter, I felt empowered that teachers do have the ability to make the change that is needed in education. So often, teachers are told to adhere to, deal with, teach and ... more
      • Teachers - Candie, Mon Sep 8 01:38
        As teachers we are the ones that know more about what the students need. We should be heard, but like you said, we are the ones that are told to teach this or to teach that to our students.
      • yes! - catheyt, Sat Sep 6 13:35
        I agree with you. Teachers are the ones who should be asked about not only the effectiveness of all this new reform, but also about how we think and feel about new implementations. It seems that so... more
      • ask a teacher - hodgete, Sat Sep 6 09:41
        I agree with you. Teachers are the ones who see how the programs and curriculums effect the students first hand. I know the third grade teachers at my school felt pretty beat down this past year with ... more
      • Re: No one asked a teacher... - kimeljk, Fri Sep 5 12:34
        I agree with your statement about "no one asked a teacher." Teachers are constantly told how to teach and how to assess their students by professionals who have never spent time in the classroom.... more
        • Teachers' voice - Rachel Yakey, Sat Sep 6 06:21
          There are so many posts on teacher voice in this thread and I love that! I love it because it shows that we are part of a community that does reflect and strive to make our profession better and our... more
    • Teacher Power! - Melissa Boyd, Wed Sep 3 18:18
      I think that teachers actively conduct research in their classrooms everyday. As a teacher, I am continually reflecting on my teaching practices and students learning (What's working? Not working?... more
      • We're always reflecting - Ashley Pennell, Mon Sep 8 00:06
        I think that our need to continuously reflect on what we're doing and how our students are doing is what makes teaching so challenging. I do think that effective teachers are never completely... more
      • Voice - Susan Gibson , Wed Sep 3 21:20
        I agree with you 100 percent about this type of teacher research giving us a voice. I think that other teachers want to see proof whether something is working in classrooms before they try something... more
        • empowerment - Laura Hansen, Thu Sep 4 22:06
          Susan, you make an excellent point. Often times, we as teachers, (especially graduate students) get so excited about things we are learning and we are eager to share these ideas with others. It is... more
      • voice - Stacy, Wed Sep 3 18:28
        I agree that the teachers' voices are often overlooked and underutilized in decision making. I also think that the students themselves will have a stronger voice because we are intent on "listening"... more
    • "Inquiry as Stance" - Stacy, Wed Sep 3 17:54
      What resonated with me was the teacher's mental approach. Part of the reading goes into the intrinsic nature of a researcher. They use terms such as "mindfulness" and "inquiry as stance" to... more
      • stacy - hodgete, Sat Sep 6 09:44
        I too viewed research as something that you do on purpose... I never thought about how my every day reflections on why this student isn't able to do this or why the class as a whole has trouble... more
      • Re: "Inquiry as Stance" - Anonymous, Fri Sep 5 19:37
        What you wrote really meshed with what I was thinking as I read this article. It is really hard to teach someone to be mindful. Can that even be learned? I feel like it is something that some people... more
      • open ended - Laura Hansen, Thu Sep 4 21:49
        I agree that the open ended component of this kind of inquiry is a little unsettling. I'm somewhat confused with this regarding teacher research. How can a research question evolve and change, when... more
        • Reply Open ended questioning - Rachel Yakey, Sat Sep 6 06:29
          Laura when you wrote, "I absolutely agree that everything we do as teachers is fluid and constantly changing as we seek to determine what works and doesn't work and make changes accordingly." I... more
          • open ended question - Laura Hansen, Sat Sep 6 20:24
            Rachel, I like your open ended question, "How can best use my reading time with my students?" It is certainly an open ended question that leaves room for reflection and change while still have some... more
            • Open ended reply - Rachel Yakey , Sat Sep 6 20:38
              Laura, I am still really curious as well how this will all come together.
        • RE: open ended - Ashley Carter, Fri Sep 5 21:19
          I am also a little unsure about what it means for a research question to evolve and change. I do know from past research courses that sometimes, researchers find out that their initial question is... more
        • Re: open ended - Anonymous, Fri Sep 5 19:53
          I appreciate your comment and have similar concerns. We are all natural researchers in our classrooms as we find what works and what does not work but that feels different than this type of research. ... more
          • previous comment - noltja, Fri Sep 5 20:23
            This comment was from me, didn't realize that my computer had signed me out!
        • Re: open ended - kimeljk, Fri Sep 5 11:34
          Laura, I agree with your statement, and I had the same types of questions while I was reading. I understand that as teachers we must have voice and use qualitative type research so that we can evolve ... more
      • Mindfulness - Melissa Boyd, Wed Sep 3 21:46
        I think that we (teachers) instinctually question what happens in our classrooms. We are constantly growing and changing in order to best meet the needs of our students. In what I have learned so... more
        • Growing - Susan Gibson, Sat Sep 6 14:35
          I totally agree with you Melissa. I am constantly asking myself if what I did could be done better and if my instruction is effective. Some teachers are complacent in their teaching and simply come... more
        • growth - hodgete, Sat Sep 6 09:51
          This is my third year teaching and it seems that every year gets better because I see why everything I tried to do my first year didn't work. I don't see how a teacher could never change things they... more
          • Changes - Melissa Boyd, Sat Sep 6 12:46
            This is my 27 year of teaching and I don't think I have ever done it the same way twice! With a new and unique group of students coming in every year, it is impossible for me to do things the same... more
    • Purposeful Reflection - Ashley Pennell, Tue Sep 2 22:46
      Before the readings, I was previously familiar with the term ďaction researchĒ, although my understandings were broad and general. I now have a more focused view of action research, specifically as... more
      • subjectivity - Stacy, Wed Sep 3 18:01
        You bring up an interesting point about subjectivity. I often go to my colleagues to gauge my perspectives because they are removed from the thought processes that I have been cycling through in a... more
      • Subjective in Data Collection - Rachel Yakey, Wed Sep 3 07:39
        Ashley, You wrote that you wonder how teachers can be subjective in their data collection and I thought that as well when reading the chapter. I think that authors realized that was a struggle as... more
        • Subjective Data - Melissa Boyd, Wed Sep 3 21:05
          I think that sometimes teachers brand themselves as failures if something doesn't work well in the classroom. Action research can be that safety net that gives us the freedom to think outside of the... more
          • Subjective Data Reply - Rachel Yakey, Wed Sep 3 21:32
            Melissa, I like how you worded "finding out was doesn't work is just as important as finding out what does." We do often beat ourselves up when it is a good opportunity to learn from what we have... more
    • Validity in Research - Rachel Yakey, Tue Sep 2 22:04
      After reading Chapter One, I would define teacher research or teacher action research as reflection in action. A good teacher reflects on what they see and observe in the classroom. It all begins... more
      • Re: Validity in Research - Anonymous, Fri Sep 5 19:48
        I enjoyed your post. I do think that validity is an interesting point. I have witnessed several teachers giving the same assessment and coming up with really surprising and varying results. The... more
        • previous comment - noltja, Fri Sep 5 20:26
          Whoops! I didn't realize I wasn't logged in. That last comment was from me. Jessica
      • Reflection in action and validity - Laura Hansen, Thu Sep 4 22:24
        Rachel, i love how you have summarized teacher action research as reflection in action. That is a very clear and succinct way to think about it. It was interesting to read about the validity of... more
      • benefits - Stacy, Wed Sep 3 18:07
        I appreciate that you keep coming back to the fact that whatever we focus on with our students, that it will benefit them. Really, how could it not? This gives me a great idea to be positive in my... more
    • Cycles of Action Research - Susan Gibson, Tue Sep 2 20:05
      The major points that stuck out at me were that we are to have a systematic, intentional inquiry. We pick an open-ended question that we are interested in learning more about and use the cycles of... more
      • Re: Cycles of Action Research - noltja, Fri Sep 5 21:06
        Susan, Observing, interpreting, planning change and acting on it are things that we as teachers do everyday! I agree that it sounds a lot less formal than I originally thought and I don't doubt that... more
      • Re: Cycles of Action Research - foxemilyk, Wed Sep 3 21:32
        I also liked how plain and simple those steps made it out to be. Honestly, we do this all the time. We observe what is going on in our classroom, interpret whether it's working or not, decide if we... more
      • putting it plainly - Stacy, Wed Sep 3 18:14
        Thank you for sharing your thoughts because you summarized what we read well. The way you put it seems to be like a stepped process that many people would understand. I also like the tailored aspect... more
    • Teacher Inquiry - foxemilyk, Mon Sep 1 22:14
      I appreciated that the authors of the text provide several different terms that can be interchanged when speaking of teacher research. My favorite was "inquiry" because, to me, this gives a very... more
      • Re: Teacher Inquiry - kimeljk, Fri Sep 5 12:41
        I was also relieved to hear that qualitative research would be the type of research we would be conducting. It seems more realistic to me especially in the classroom, since situations and styles of... more
      • quantitative analysis - Susan Gibson, Tue Sep 2 19:56
        When I first started to think about what teacher research was, I was on the same page as you Emily. I was thinking that we would have a question and need to collect quantitative data. I feel like... more
        • Quantitative analysis Response - Rachel Yakey, Tue Sep 2 22:09
          I got that same feeling that you did Susan. I even posted on this topic. I think it is looking at our classroom and students as individuals and not as the dependent and independent variables typical... more
        • Data Collection - Ashley Pennell, Tue Sep 2 21:59
          I do not think we are going to be required to collect quantitative data for teacher action research. I believe our focus will be gathering rich, deep data that details the events in our classroom and ... more
          • Question Types - Stacy, Wed Sep 3 18:23
            As I read Emily, Susan, Rachel, and Ashley, I now have a new question. If there won't be quantitative data, what kinds of questions are conducive to this study. I know that the book says open-ended,... more
            • Questions - Laura Hansen, Thu Sep 4 22:36
              Stacy, you were able to put into words so well my own struggles in getting a full picture of teacher research. I felt like I was missing something but couldn't quite figure it out. I also am having... more
            • Re: Question Types - foxemilyk, Wed Sep 3 21:28
              I'm with you, Stacy. The actual questions to ask are something I'm sort of stuck on. Even on making my list of "things I might want to research", I'm having a hard time decided what would work. Maybe ... more
              • In the same boat - Melissa Boyd, Wed Sep 3 22:02
                I am struggling with questions/topics too. I am not sure if my possible topics/questions are more about teaching practices instead of being student focused. I know that these two things are closely... more
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