Laura Hansen
Repeated Readings
Mon Sep 8, 2014 22:44

That is great! I shared repeated readings with another EC teacher and she is teaching her 5th graders how to work in partners to complete repeated readings. I agree with you that it is definitely an important piece for preparing students to be ready to read for meaning. I was quite surprised to see how big of a struggle fluency is for many of my older students. I'm hoping that by using some of these teaching strategies I can help support the building of their fluency skills. This may turn into an interesting topic for a research question :)

  • Fluency - Emily Fox, Mon Sep 8 21:12
    I am also planning to put more of an emphasis on fluency this year! My 2nd grade team has discussed having the students do repeated readings with each other as well, Lauren. We saw much excitement... more
    • Repeated Readings - Laura Hansen, Mon Sep 8 22:44
      • Repeated readings - Melissa Boyd, Tue Sep 9 11:59
        Laura, I am very interested in using repeated readings in an effort to increase fluency. I saw what a difference it made this summer in the clinic and look forward to trying it with my students. I... more
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