Fluency response
Tue Sep 9, 2014 19:51

I'll send some of them to you tonight. But it looks like you are getting a lot accomplished so far with your groups. We start assessing our students this week so I'll be able to see who really needs fluency work. I think repeated readings are key! I am just using the our fluency activities for rotations. I think if you model with your students what you expect they will be able to accomplish what you ask of them.

  • Fluency Center reply - Laura Hansen, Mon Sep 8 22:37
    That's awesome, Susan. You really have put a lot of thought into ways to incorporate fluency into your teaching. I would love to see some of your resources if you could e-mail them! Thanks for... more
    • Fluency response - sg70349, Tue Sep 9 19:51
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