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just numbers
Wed Oct 1, 2014 20:06

I agree with you Melissa. I was thinking the same thing! I think of data as the composite score and the TRC level or fluency rate, etc. But the ways our students respond to us, the depth of their responses and the observation about the errors they make are just as valid data. In fact, it is much more informative.

I'd like to be a fly on the wall at that data too meeting!

  • personal approach - Melissa Boyd, Wed Oct 1 19:59
    Sometimes, we get so focused on numbers (at least that is the way it is at my school), that we forget that our students aren't numbers. If given the opportunity, they can tell us what works for them. ... more
    • data room - noltja, Wed Oct 1 22:03
      Oh my goodness, that makes me cringe. I'm sure that everyone dreads going to meetings in the data room.
      • data room - Melissa Boyd, Wed Oct 1 22:09
        Every Tuesday morning at fun!
    • Not numbers but humans - Rachel Yakey, Wed Oct 1 21:22
      I just sat in a meeting were we analyzed our testing data from the last two years. The numbers one chart show that students are growing and excelling. The numbers on another chart show how the state... more
      • Numbers - Susan Gibson, Thu Oct 2 22:09
        I am so with you Rachel! It is all about the growth but yet each year teachers at our school feel like they need to do better than the year before. But every set of students is different and how you... more
    • just numbers - catheyt, Wed Oct 1 20:06
      • Number as indicator not diagnosis - Stacy, Sat Oct 4 07:56
        I like to look at any data, including testing data, as just one indicator - not a diagnosis. Testing data can show us large sweeping areas of concern, but a test can't tell me what Johnny needs after ... more
        • Numbers staying there - Rachel Yakey, Sat Oct 4 08:25
          Stacy, I love the way you phrased that, "numbers have their place as long as they stay there." We have all had those principals that want those numbers to influence everything and that is a good... more
          • staying there - Stacy, Sat Oct 4 10:05
            I think it is important not to go to extremes on either side. I don't think that any one source of data should dictate the best decisions for students. I believe that is why we are supposed to use... more
            • Numbers - Rachel Yakey, Sat Oct 4 11:55
              I agree. When you use them to see how you are teaching students in certain areas, say vocabulary, etc. it can be very helpful. But it is hard to compare year to year because the test is different and ... more
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