Melissa Boyd
data collection
Wed Oct 1, 2014 20:17

I agree with your thoughts on open ended questions for the interview. I think that my first graders might be a little shy at first and not feel comfortable verbalizing their thinking. I would definitely share thoughts about my learning in order to model the kind of conversation I want to have with them. I think that once they got started, it would be hard to stop them! I usually start the year with a mini-lesson on metacognition. I have a little song (to the tune of "I've Been Working on the Railroad") that we sing about what is running through our heads while we are learning. I follow up with conversations during morning meetings about what they have learned about their learning. I think it is important to have these conversations often to keep students tuned in to and focused on their learning. I have not done this so far this year, but now I definitely will. I am excited to use this type of data collection in our research project.

  • Re: Data Collection - Laura Hansen, Wed Oct 1 19:53
    After reading chapter 5, my initial thoughts were that the data collection discussed here was very different from what I had been thinking of in terms of data collection. I can see however, the... more
    • Recording - Susan Gibson, Thu Oct 2 21:47
      I think it would be great to record our teaching because it can be very hard to remember everything the kids are saying and doing while you are pouring your heart out so to speak. The recording will... more
      • recording - Stacy, Sat Oct 4 07:26
        I agree with Susan. When I did National Board work, I found that the video taping and recording in my classroom was a revelation. I noticed many things about my teaching and student engagement that i ... more
    • Technology in data collection - Emily Fox, Wed Oct 1 20:45
      I agree, Laura, that the use of iPads and iPhones make data collection much easier. I frequently take pictures and videos of my kids throughout the day anyway, so this wouldn't be too disruptive to... more
      • Use of iPads iPhones - Rachel Yakey, Wed Oct 1 21:06
        Emily, When you use the iPhones, etc.? Were your students really aware of them or did it not seem to phase them to around? When I was looking into getting National Boards, one of the ladies helping,... more
    • data collection - Melissa Boyd, Wed Oct 1 20:17
      • Conversations - Susan Gibson, Thu Oct 2 21:51
        This isn't related to data collection but I really like that you are teaching your students about metacognition and making them aware of their thoughts. I think this is something that should be... more
    • video recordings - catheyt, Wed Oct 1 20:10
      Last year I had to video record some lessons. It was definitely eye opening. I was really able to see what was going on in my class. I realized how may of my students were truly not engaged in... more
      • video recordings - Melissa Boyd, Wed Oct 1 20:37
        I have experienced the same thing Tavia. I think this type of data collection benefits the teacher as much as the student. A picture (or video) IS worth a thousand words!
      • video recordings - Laura Hansen, Wed Oct 1 20:18
        I couldn't agree more! I had to video record myself teaching multiple times as part of my beginning teacher program. Then we had to write reflections based on our viewing of the lesson. I was always... more
        • Video Recordings - Rachel Yakey, Wed Oct 1 21:09
          Yes! It is interesting to use video to capture both the students and the teacher. I had to record myself teaching several times during my undergraduate courses. I learned a lot about how I presented... more
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