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Rachel Yakey
Thoughts on Chpt. 5 - Chart/Recordings
Wed Oct 1, 2014 20:58

After reading chapter five, I found myself breathing a little easier. I think I had built up this data collection to be something huge but in reality it is just me teaching and reflecting on the process. I really like the chart the book describes in 5.1. In monitoring how differentiated interventions are helping students, it seemed like a really user friendly way to monitor my students without interfering with discussions, etc. during literature groups.

I also liked the video recordings, which seems very easy. I also like how it would allow me to have my "eyes and ears" there so that I can really see what they are doing when I am not there or when I am leading a specific intervention.

My idea then would be to use or modify the chart in the chapter to use as my case studies are engaged in the differentiated instruction. Then I would also record, either with a video or an memo device (possible on the school's iPads) to record how students are responding to teacher lead interventions and catch anything I might not be able to observe while still teaching the rest of the students in the class. I think this would be feasible for a middle school classroom. My only hesitation would be making sure the students don't "act up" for the camera or mess with it. But I think exposure and practice in front of the camera would help that.

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