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Rachel Yakey
Video Recordings
Wed Oct 1, 2014 21:09

Yes! It is interesting to use video to capture both the students and the teacher. I had to record myself teaching several times during my undergraduate courses. I learned a lot about how I presented myself to a classroom. I really said "um" a lot and moved my hands way too much! I do want to use video recordings during literature circles so that I can see what is happening when I am helping the other groups. It would be very useful, like Tavia said, in modify the assignments and my delivery.

  • video recordings - Laura Hansen, Wed Oct 1 20:18
    I couldn't agree more! I had to video record myself teaching multiple times as part of my beginning teacher program. Then we had to write reflections based on our viewing of the lesson. I was always... more
    • Video Recordings - Rachel Yakey, Wed Oct 1 21:09
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