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Rachel Yakey
Natural Form/Sources
Wed Oct 1, 2014 21:29

I have been worried about this myself, because I can't rely on someone to help cover my class to take what I would considered formal data (IRI, etc.). My thoughts have been that the most natural form would be to do what we teachers do, which is observe and then reflect on what the students are doing based on what we are trying to get them to learn, understand, use effectively, etc.

For example, with the journals that you and Susan want to analyze. That is something that you would have already been looking at and noticing trends to help you teach. "Wow, these guys/gals are really using a lot of great 2nd grade vocabulary." Or "They are still not putting in vocabulary that I know we have covered in class, I wonder why not?" etc.

I do think there is such a thing as too many sources. I can use three or four ways to reflect on my teaching, but I can also wear myself out if I am trying to accomplish too much data collection in a day.

  • Initial Data Collection Thoughts - Emily Fox, Wed Oct 1 18:55
    While reading Chapter 5, I gathered some very helpful ideas on different ways to collect data throughout my study. As I expected, field notes will continue to be taken, because those give good... more
    • data collection - hodgete, Sat Oct 4 10:28
      I don't know if you will see my post, but I have found that using address labels to write notes on to be very helpful. I just write the child's initials on the label and write the descriptive notes,... more
    • Re: Initial Data Collection Thoughts - kimeljk, Thu Oct 2 11:52
      Emily, I agree with using surveys as a means of data collection. I think using a few "focal parents" and asking them to complete a survey would be beneficial too. Parents can offer how they think... more
    • Natural Form/Sources - Rachel Yakey, Wed Oct 1 21:29
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      Emily, I also was intrigued by the 10 minute observations and the table provided in the book. I really like that format because it gives you an in-depth look at a snapshot. I particularly like how... more
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        Focusing on a few students each day does make it more manageable. The chart is a good idea, but still seems a little too focused for quick informal observations in the classroom. The table did give... more
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      I think this is a great question. I do think that we can collect too much data and almost over analyze situations or problems. In my opinion, this is why choosing just a few, solid types of data... more
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      Emily, I agree with your comments about taking field notes. It has helped me to adjust and focus my teaching. I really liked the idea of student interviews. I think this would be a quick,... more
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        For the purposes of this research endeavor, are student interviews and conferences similar or something completely different? I want to write up the proposal correctly, so I want to make sure I use... more
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