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Re: Surveys and Interviews
Thu Oct 2, 2014 11:44


I was also intrigued by the concept of using surveys and interviews. I think sometimes we forget that our students have opinions too and if they really enjoy an activity they will probably get more out of it academically. So I think there really is value in asking students how they liked something or how they think it helped them. In our data collection we are using a pre and post research survey to get an inside scoop on how students feel about the tasks we ask them to do.

  • Surveys and Interviews - noltja, Wed Oct 1 19:42
    For our music research project, we will be collecting quantitative data from two pretty straight forward sources. One will be reading benchmarks given to each child through formal assessments on an... more
    • Re: Surveys and Interviews - kimeljk, Thu Oct 2 11:44
    • quantitative data - Laura Hansen, Wed Oct 1 20:35
      I'm glad to see that someone else is also planning to collect some quantitative data as they seek to answer their research question. I also think that it is exciting that you are going to be able to... more
      • ipads - noltja, Wed Oct 1 22:00
        Yes, the students love the ipads. They are highly motivated to do well on them and beg for additional time.
        • ipads- reading fluency - hodgete, Sat Oct 4 10:23
          I don't know if anyone is doing research on reading fluency, but there is a program called raz-kids that kids love; if your school uses this you can download the iPad app and it lets the student... more
          • RazKids - noltja 65, Mon Oct 6 07:52
            Yes, I am familiar with RazKids and the students at this school do use it. Great idea! Thanks
    • interviews - Laura Hansen, Wed Oct 1 19:58
      I also really liked the idea of interviews. I think that getting the student's perspective of their learning is really insightful and valuable. Numbers can be very meaningful, but student input can... more
      • RE Interviews - sellewc, Sun Oct 5 20:46
        I'm on board with the interview idea as well. We could be very direct, and and ask the student, "Do you think Reading English and Music are the same..." and hear straight from the student whether or... more
      • interviews - Melissa Boyd, Wed Oct 1 20:03
        I am very interested in using student interviews in our research project. I also like your idea of recording the pre and post assessments for student review and comments. Let's see what we can put... more
        • interviews for our study - Laura Hansen, Wed Oct 1 20:24
          Melissa, I really like the idea of using student interviews for our research as well. This would be an interesting way to gague student engagement/ enjoyment as well as get their perspective of... more
          • study interviews - Melissa Boyd, Wed Oct 1 20:32
            I think interviews would work best at the end of each week or even at the midpoint and then end of the study. I think a checklist might work better for our beginners.
            • study interviews - Laura Hansen, Wed Oct 1 20:37
              I like the idea of using it at the midpoint and at the end. I agree a simple checklist would probably be best to help our struggling readers evaluate their fluency.
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