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Authentic Data
Thu Oct 2, 2014 11:58

After going through many ideas and suggestions for data collection, I think it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the different types of data, what the data actually measures, and all the different ways in which you can collect data. But I guess I have a question of authenticity, how do you know if your data is authentic? What if the child answers a certain way during a small group interview because that is how their peers answered and they don't want to stand out. Or what if a student doesn't want to be stereotyped as "smart" because of the way their peers might respond to that, so the purposefully do poorly on an assessment. Or what if a student has issues at home and performs poorly on a summative assessment? Or what if a student during partner reading or tutoring struggles to find a voice because the other partner is controlling and dominates the conversation and the child doesn't get out of it what they possibly could? I know I can "what if" myself to death, but how do you know if your data is authentic, is it really ever reliable?

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