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Susan Gibson
Thu Oct 2, 2014 22:09

I am so with you Rachel! It is all about the growth but yet each year teachers at our school feel like they need to do better than the year before. But every set of students is different and how you connect with a group of students could change from year to year. So its really not comparable to look at the data in that manner. But just to take one year at a time and try to make differences in that group of students' lives so that they will grow more! Many studies show that a big key to success is building relationships with students. So by doing interviews and surveys about what they want and how they learn are going to help build that relationship because they will feel like their opinion matters.

  • Not numbers but humans - Rachel Yakey, Wed Oct 1 21:22
    I just sat in a meeting were we analyzed our testing data from the last two years. The numbers one chart show that students are growing and excelling. The numbers on another chart show how the state... more
    • Numbers - Susan Gibson, Thu Oct 2 22:09
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