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Rachel Yakey
Data collection
Sat Oct 4, 2014 08:23

Stacy - I think if you want to be sure, you just have to ask if the way you are collecting data will give you an answer to your question. If you were looking at the students doing this or that, would it give you the feedback you need to know if it is working or if you needed to change instruction. The two questions you are answer are these, correct?

1. Which strategies encourage more meaningful participation and practice for students during workshop/clinic time?
2. How can classroom teachers and inclusion teachers collaborate equally to improve instruction for all students?

I think that the interviews with teachers and the case study with your EC student will answer question#2 effectively. It will give you the answer if you can show in some way the data you collected shows a correlation between how those teachers collaborate either improved or didn't improve instruction. If you are focusing on the ways to encourage meaningful participation, the interview and conference with students would work really well. Have you thought about the chart that helps you observe students while they work? Also the tapping/videoing seemed like a good idea to see if they are motivated even when you are not there.

If you are looking at meaningful participation, would the work samples and the pre/post scenario be able to show you answers to that question? Or are you using that to show how collaboration improved instruction in #2?

I hope this is helpful! I am really interested in your study as I am getting a new inclusion teacher sometime this year and would love to know how best to work together for the better of our students. Especially because when she begins it will be half way through the year and we will both be very busy. - Rachel

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    • Data collection - Rachel Yakey, Sat Oct 4 08:23
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