data collection
Sat Oct 4, 2014 10:28

I don't know if you will see my post, but I have found that using address labels to write notes on to be very helpful. I just write the child's initials on the label and write the descriptive notes, and at the end of the day I put the label on a notebook page and write the interpretive notes beside it. It keeps it well organized and is easy to do.

  • Initial Data Collection Thoughts - Emily Fox, Wed Oct 1 18:55
    While reading Chapter 5, I gathered some very helpful ideas on different ways to collect data throughout my study. As I expected, field notes will continue to be taken, because those give good... more
    • data collection - hodgete, Sat Oct 4 10:28
    • Re: Initial Data Collection Thoughts - kimeljk, Thu Oct 2 11:52
      Emily, I agree with using surveys as a means of data collection. I think using a few "focal parents" and asking them to complete a survey would be beneficial too. Parents can offer how they think... more
    • Natural Form/Sources - Rachel Yakey, Wed Oct 1 21:29
      I have been worried about this myself, because I can't rely on someone to help cover my class to take what I would considered formal data (IRI, etc.). My thoughts have been that the most natural form ... more
    • observation chart - Laura Hansen, Wed Oct 1 20:11
      Emily, I also was intrigued by the 10 minute observations and the table provided in the book. I really like that format because it gives you an in-depth look at a snapshot. I particularly like how... more
      • student observations - Melissa Boyd, Wed Oct 1 20:28
        Focusing on a few students each day does make it more manageable. The chart is a good idea, but still seems a little too focused for quick informal observations in the classroom. The table did give... more
    • too many sources of data? - noltja, Wed Oct 1 19:53
      I think this is a great question. I do think that we can collect too much data and almost over analyze situations or problems. In my opinion, this is why choosing just a few, solid types of data... more
    • thoughts - Melissa Boyd, Wed Oct 1 19:49
      Emily, I agree with your comments about taking field notes. It has helped me to adjust and focus my teaching. I really liked the idea of student interviews. I think this would be a quick,... more
      • interviews and conferences - Stacy, Sat Oct 4 08:04
        For the purposes of this research endeavor, are student interviews and conferences similar or something completely different? I want to write up the proposal correctly, so I want to make sure I use... more
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