Data Re-collections?
Sun Oct 5, 2014 20:54

Admittedly, for the last few weeks I was looking for existing data from student work that already exists, and taking those assessments to be compared to in a similar light musically. I was looking for various standard assessments for students throughout the school year, and then was trying to frame a similar music fluency data collection method that measured the same thing as the English fluency measures.

I was getting into a "quantitative" rut, and was neglecting the other forms of data collection prior to reading the chapter in our book. As Jessica mentioned on this discussion thread, we plan to create an interview/survey for the students at the end of the process. I really think this will be another effective measurement of our intervention. If the numbers of our assessments improve, but turn our students into fluency robots, then it was not an effective intervention. We would never know unless we implement a survey/interview component to ask the students if this is a worthwhile intervention.

  • Data Collection - koppenhaverd, Sun Sep 28 21:37
    Share your initial thoughts on data collection here and give others feedback on their thoughts. This is your opportunity to run ideas up the flagpole and see how they fly. Keep in mind: (1) collect... more
    • Data Re-collections? - sellewc, Sun Oct 5 20:54
    • Data Collection - Ashley Pennell, Sun Oct 5 20:34
      Kasey and I plan on continuing taking field notes on two small groups, but also want to focus in on specific students within the groups. We will choose 5 focal students across the two groups that we... more
    • Re: Data Collection - Tracy Cornacchio, Sun Oct 5 19:53
      I plan on making a chart to collect data on my students writing. I plan on collecting a writing piece once a week and fill out to chart each week. I also plan on collecting artifacts and student... more
    • data collection - hodgete, Sat Oct 4 10:20
      I have found using the address labels as a form of data collection to be very helpful. I have them on a clipboard and before the lesson I write the students' initials on the labels. I take notes... more
    • I found myself excited and a little overwhelmed while reading chapter 5. I like that there are so many ways to collect data for various purposes, but I wonder how I will know that the way I choose to ... more
      • Data collection - Rachel Yakey, Sat Oct 4 08:23
        Stacy - I think if you want to be sure, you just have to ask if the way you are collecting data will give you an answer to your question. If you were looking at the students doing this or that, would ... more
    • Initial Data Collection - Susan Gibson, Thu Oct 2 21:43
      After reading the chapter and listening to the lecture, I found that I really liked the idea of giving student/parent surveys about vocabulary. I think it would be very interesting to see what... more
      • Parent Surveys - Ashley Pennell, Sun Oct 5 20:35
        Susan, I also liked the idea of using parent surveys. I think that engaging the parents in our data collection will provide another perspective to the research project. It is important for us to know ... more
    • Thoughts on Chapter 5 - Rachel Yakey, Thu Oct 2 21:29
      After reading chapter five, I found myself breathing a little easier. I think I had built up this data collection to be something huge but in reality it is just me teaching and reflecting on the... more
    • Thoughts On Data Collection - catheyt, Wed Oct 1 20:03
      I like the more personal approach to data collection. I get so caught up in collecting and analyzing data (assessments, tests, etc) that I sometimes think this is all there is. I have found keeping... more
      • your data collection - Laura Hansen, Wed Oct 1 20:30
        It seems like you have given good thought to what would be appropriate data collection methods for your study. I do think you could get some very basic info as you suggested. It would be interesting... more
        • Using interviews as data collection - Rachel Yakey, Wed Oct 1 21:01
          Tavia, I agree with Laura. I think that even young children could give you just basic feedback. Plus they will probably be really honest, would give you great feedback on your teaching strategies. It ... more
    • Re: Data Collection - Laura Hansen, Wed Oct 1 19:53
      After reading chapter 5, my initial thoughts were that the data collection discussed here was very different from what I had been thinking of in terms of data collection. I can see however, the... more
      • Recording - Susan Gibson, Thu Oct 2 21:47
        I think it would be great to record our teaching because it can be very hard to remember everything the kids are saying and doing while you are pouring your heart out so to speak. The recording will... more
        • recording - Stacy, Sat Oct 4 07:26
          I agree with Susan. When I did National Board work, I found that the video taping and recording in my classroom was a revelation. I noticed many things about my teaching and student engagement that i ... more
      • Technology in data collection - Emily Fox, Wed Oct 1 20:45
        I agree, Laura, that the use of iPads and iPhones make data collection much easier. I frequently take pictures and videos of my kids throughout the day anyway, so this wouldn't be too disruptive to... more
        • Use of iPads iPhones - Rachel Yakey, Wed Oct 1 21:06
          Emily, When you use the iPhones, etc.? Were your students really aware of them or did it not seem to phase them to around? When I was looking into getting National Boards, one of the ladies helping,... more
      • data collection - Melissa Boyd, Wed Oct 1 20:17
        I agree with your thoughts on open ended questions for the interview. I think that my first graders might be a little shy at first and not feel comfortable verbalizing their thinking. I would... more
        • Conversations - Susan Gibson, Thu Oct 2 21:51
          This isn't related to data collection but I really like that you are teaching your students about metacognition and making them aware of their thoughts. I think this is something that should be... more
      • video recordings - catheyt, Wed Oct 1 20:10
        Last year I had to video record some lessons. It was definitely eye opening. I was really able to see what was going on in my class. I realized how may of my students were truly not engaged in... more
        • video recordings - Melissa Boyd, Wed Oct 1 20:37
          I have experienced the same thing Tavia. I think this type of data collection benefits the teacher as much as the student. A picture (or video) IS worth a thousand words!
        • video recordings - Laura Hansen, Wed Oct 1 20:18
          I couldn't agree more! I had to video record myself teaching multiple times as part of my beginning teacher program. Then we had to write reflections based on our viewing of the lesson. I was always... more
          • Video Recordings - Rachel Yakey, Wed Oct 1 21:09
            Yes! It is interesting to use video to capture both the students and the teacher. I had to record myself teaching several times during my undergraduate courses. I learned a lot about how I presented... more
    • Surveys and Interviews - noltja, Wed Oct 1 19:42
      For our music research project, we will be collecting quantitative data from two pretty straight forward sources. One will be reading benchmarks given to each child through formal assessments on an... more
      • Re: Surveys and Interviews - kimeljk, Thu Oct 2 11:44
        Jessica, I was also intrigued by the concept of using surveys and interviews. I think sometimes we forget that our students have opinions too and if they really enjoy an activity they will probably... more
      • quantitative data - Laura Hansen, Wed Oct 1 20:35
        I'm glad to see that someone else is also planning to collect some quantitative data as they seek to answer their research question. I also think that it is exciting that you are going to be able to... more
        • ipads - noltja, Wed Oct 1 22:00
          Yes, the students love the ipads. They are highly motivated to do well on them and beg for additional time.
          • ipads- reading fluency - hodgete, Sat Oct 4 10:23
            I don't know if anyone is doing research on reading fluency, but there is a program called raz-kids that kids love; if your school uses this you can download the iPad app and it lets the student... more
            • RazKids - noltja 65, Mon Oct 6 07:52
              Yes, I am familiar with RazKids and the students at this school do use it. Great idea! Thanks
      • interviews - Laura Hansen, Wed Oct 1 19:58
        I also really liked the idea of interviews. I think that getting the student's perspective of their learning is really insightful and valuable. Numbers can be very meaningful, but student input can... more
        • RE Interviews - sellewc, Sun Oct 5 20:46
          I'm on board with the interview idea as well. We could be very direct, and and ask the student, "Do you think Reading English and Music are the same..." and hear straight from the student whether or... more
        • interviews - Melissa Boyd, Wed Oct 1 20:03
          I am very interested in using student interviews in our research project. I also like your idea of recording the pre and post assessments for student review and comments. Let's see what we can put... more
          • interviews for our study - Laura Hansen, Wed Oct 1 20:24
            Melissa, I really like the idea of using student interviews for our research as well. This would be an interesting way to gague student engagement/ enjoyment as well as get their perspective of... more
            • study interviews - Melissa Boyd, Wed Oct 1 20:32
              I think interviews would work best at the end of each week or even at the midpoint and then end of the study. I think a checklist might work better for our beginners.
              • study interviews - Laura Hansen, Wed Oct 1 20:37
                I like the idea of using it at the midpoint and at the end. I agree a simple checklist would probably be best to help our struggling readers evaluate their fluency.
    • data collection - Melissa Boyd, Wed Oct 1 19:38
      This chapter was very eye opening. It was completely different from what I was thinking about data collection. I can see where a more "personal" approach to data collection could offer valuable... more
      • Recording - Ashley Pennell, Sun Oct 5 20:41
        Melissa, I also want to use video recordings as a source of data collection. It is difficult to catch all of the important parts when you are in the midst of teaching and it is so important that we... more
      • driving instruction - Stacy, Sat Oct 4 07:45
        I was really engaged by the "should drive instruction" part at the end of your post. I agree that many teachers are making it through because they have so much to deal with that it is difficult to... more
      • Personal Approach - Susan Gibson, Thu Oct 2 22:03
        I agree with you Melissa that it is very easy to get caught up in all the things we have to do in order to be a teacher. But the number one thing we need to be doing is perfecting our teaching to... more
      • personal approach - noltja, Wed Oct 1 19:48
        I completely agree about using a personal approach to collect valuable insight from our students. I just wrote something similar in my own post. As teachers we try to meet everyone's needs but we do... more
        • personal approach - Melissa Boyd, Wed Oct 1 19:59
          Sometimes, we get so focused on numbers (at least that is the way it is at my school), that we forget that our students aren't numbers. If given the opportunity, they can tell us what works for them. ... more
          • data room - noltja, Wed Oct 1 22:03
            Oh my goodness, that makes me cringe. I'm sure that everyone dreads going to meetings in the data room.
            • data room - Melissa Boyd, Wed Oct 1 22:09
              Every Tuesday morning at fun!
          • Not numbers but humans - Rachel Yakey, Wed Oct 1 21:22
            I just sat in a meeting were we analyzed our testing data from the last two years. The numbers one chart show that students are growing and excelling. The numbers on another chart show how the state... more
            • Numbers - Susan Gibson, Thu Oct 2 22:09
              I am so with you Rachel! It is all about the growth but yet each year teachers at our school feel like they need to do better than the year before. But every set of students is different and how you... more
          • just numbers - catheyt, Wed Oct 1 20:06
            I agree with you Melissa. I was thinking the same thing! I think of data as the composite score and the TRC level or fluency rate, etc. But the ways our students respond to us, the depth of their... more
            • Number as indicator not diagnosis - Stacy, Sat Oct 4 07:56
              I like to look at any data, including testing data, as just one indicator - not a diagnosis. Testing data can show us large sweeping areas of concern, but a test can't tell me what Johnny needs after ... more
              • Numbers staying there - Rachel Yakey, Sat Oct 4 08:25
                Stacy, I love the way you phrased that, "numbers have their place as long as they stay there." We have all had those principals that want those numbers to influence everything and that is a good... more
                • staying there - Stacy, Sat Oct 4 10:05
                  I think it is important not to go to extremes on either side. I don't think that any one source of data should dictate the best decisions for students. I believe that is why we are supposed to use... more
                  • Numbers - Rachel Yakey, Sat Oct 4 11:55
                    I agree. When you use them to see how you are teaching students in certain areas, say vocabulary, etc. it can be very helpful. But it is hard to compare year to year because the test is different and ... more
    • Initial Data Collection Thoughts - Emily Fox, Wed Oct 1 18:55
      While reading Chapter 5, I gathered some very helpful ideas on different ways to collect data throughout my study. As I expected, field notes will continue to be taken, because those give good... more
      • data collection - hodgete, Sat Oct 4 10:28
        I don't know if you will see my post, but I have found that using address labels to write notes on to be very helpful. I just write the child's initials on the label and write the descriptive notes,... more
      • Re: Initial Data Collection Thoughts - kimeljk, Thu Oct 2 11:52
        Emily, I agree with using surveys as a means of data collection. I think using a few "focal parents" and asking them to complete a survey would be beneficial too. Parents can offer how they think... more
      • Natural Form/Sources - Rachel Yakey, Wed Oct 1 21:29
        I have been worried about this myself, because I can't rely on someone to help cover my class to take what I would considered formal data (IRI, etc.). My thoughts have been that the most natural form ... more
      • observation chart - Laura Hansen, Wed Oct 1 20:11
        Emily, I also was intrigued by the 10 minute observations and the table provided in the book. I really like that format because it gives you an in-depth look at a snapshot. I particularly like how... more
        • student observations - Melissa Boyd, Wed Oct 1 20:28
          Focusing on a few students each day does make it more manageable. The chart is a good idea, but still seems a little too focused for quick informal observations in the classroom. The table did give... more
      • too many sources of data? - noltja, Wed Oct 1 19:53
        I think this is a great question. I do think that we can collect too much data and almost over analyze situations or problems. In my opinion, this is why choosing just a few, solid types of data... more
      • thoughts - Melissa Boyd, Wed Oct 1 19:49
        Emily, I agree with your comments about taking field notes. It has helped me to adjust and focus my teaching. I really liked the idea of student interviews. I think this would be a quick,... more
        • interviews and conferences - Stacy, Sat Oct 4 08:04
          For the purposes of this research endeavor, are student interviews and conferences similar or something completely different? I want to write up the proposal correctly, so I want to make sure I use... more
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