Data Analysis
Mon Oct 27, 2014 21:37

After you have read ch. 6, join the discussion here. How do you see yourself using the strategies described here? To what benefit? With what frequency? Do you think you might adapt them and in what ways? What questions do you have about their application in your specific study?

    • Analyzing Data - Kasey Gaines, Sun Nov 2 22:35
      After reading just the first paragraph of this section, I realized how important it is to interpret information and data throughout the research process. Ashley and I have already had to analyze our... more
    • Data Analysis & Coding ??? - Melissa Boyd, Sat Nov 1 15:48
      After reading Ch. 6, two things really stood out to me. The first being the data summary. This really helped me when studying the data we have collected so far in our research project. It helped me... more
    • Data Analysis - Laura Hansen, Sat Nov 1 08:15
      Chapter 6 talks a lot about various coding strategies for research that involves lots of qualitative data. Our study involves mostly quantitative data. However, coding for themes might be useful for... more
      • Every two weeks - Melissa Boyd, Sat Nov 1 15:34
        I agree that using data summaries every few weeks is helpful way in keeping the research focused and on track. It also gives you an opportunity to make necessary changes in a timely fashion in order... more
        • Every two weeks - Laura Hansen, Sun Nov 2 15:59
          I think that will help us be able to try out the interventions long enough to see what is working and what isn't and be able to regroup, so to speak, and make necessary changes. Sounds like a plan to ... more
      • Re: Data Analysis - kimeljk, Sat Nov 1 09:37
        Laura and Susan, I agree that using data summaries more often would help the process of analyzing data. Completing these summaries really forces you to pause and look at the facts/data. I think doing ... more
    • Data Analysis - Susan Gibson, Thu Oct 30 20:27
      After reading this chapter I am beginning to see how all the pieces to this kind of research works. I really like the idea of completing data summaries. I think this is the part of data analysis that ... more
      • Reflection - Laura Hansen, Sun Nov 2 16:07
        I also really like the data summaries as it helps you organize your thoughts and really think about what is happening in your study and be able to put it into words to explain to someone else. I... more
      • Reflection - Laura Hansen, Sun Nov 2 16:04
        I also really like the data summaries as it helps you organize your thoughts and really think about what is happening in your study and be able to put it into words to explain to someone else. I... more
        • Getting the most of our your research - Ashley Pennell, Sun Nov 2 22:16
          I agree that completing data summaries allows for deep reflection of the data that has been collected. I like the idea of writing up data summaries each week and thin that this practice will allow... more
    • Data Organization - hodgete, Thu Oct 30 20:07
      To organize my data I separated the skills my partner and I are focusing on (for example, letter name recognition for upper and lowercase and letter sounds) by creating a table for each skill. Each... more
      • Creating tables - Kasey Gaines, Sun Nov 2 22:41
        I really like the idea of creating a table with your research data. I feel like sometimes all of the data could be overwhelming, but a table would really help with condensing all of the information.... more
      • Re: Data Organization - kimeljk, Sat Nov 1 09:31
        What a great idea to organize your data in a table so that you can compare your data throughout the study more easily! Thanks for sharing I will have to suggest to my partner that we do this as well!
        • tables - Melissa Boyd, Sat Nov 1 15:51
          Laura and I are also using a table to organize our data. It has really helped us to see patterns in student learning and progress.
      • organization - Stacy, Fri Oct 31 13:14
        I would like to see that table. Is it on the wiki page? You sound as if you really have the organization side of things locked down. The way you've done that should help you to get the rest of the... more
    • Data analysis - catheyt, Thu Oct 30 17:20
      I actually was a bit relieved after reading this chapter. I am in a reading program for a reason!! Numbers is not my thing. Analyzing the data throughout the study makes the task seem more... more
      • Re: Data analysis - kimeljk, Sat Nov 1 09:29
        Cathey, At first, I had some of the same concerns you did, but once I dove in and started analyzing the data it wasn't that bad. As teachers we analyze data everyday whether or not we record it. When ... more
      • Analyzing vs themes - Rachel Yakey, Fri Oct 31 19:51
        Oh! I feel almost the opposite. Reading this chapter did make me feel a lot better because I think analyzing the data to be the easiest for our study not the themes. May I ask what themes are popping ... more
        • themes - catheyt, Sun Nov 2 17:28
          Rachel, Our study has really pointed out the connections between initial consonant recognition and the word concepts. Its interesting because its going along nicely with our other class, Beginning... more
          • RE themes - Rachel Yakey, Sun Nov 2 20:09
            Thank you Tavia, That helps. I just think that our question is very large and that this small of a study combined with my years of teaching, makes it harder to answer. We are trying to figure out how ... more
      • Numbers are not my thing either! - Emily Fox, Thu Oct 30 18:25
        Tavia, I totally agree with you. I chose reading as a specialty focus for a reason! This chapter leaves me feeling a variety of ways. I am relieved to be reminded that this process is much more... more
        • numbers - noltja 65, Sun Nov 2 09:08
          Yes, I agree that I was a bit intimidated by the idea of collecting lots of numerical data. Luckily, once we got into the groove of our project, it all seemed much more doable than I had originally... more
        • numbers and changes - Melissa Boyd, Sat Nov 1 16:02
          Emily, I have the same questions. The data summary really helped to focus our study but also led to some changes in interventions. Laura and I discussed this at length what effects this might have on ... more
          • Changes are data too - Emily Fox, Sun Nov 2 10:00
            After thinking on this question a few days, I am reminded that the purpose of this research study is to do what is best for our students, based on our findings of the project. If what we begin isn't... more
            • Re: Changes are data too - Ashley Pennell, Sun Nov 2 22:19
              Emily, I agree that making changes to instruction is data. We do this inherently, almost without noticing, and sometimes multiple times a day. I think that this type of research is giving us the... more
            • data and changes - catheyt, Sun Nov 2 17:24
              I agree with you Emily. Our teaching has to grow and change with our students. This is not how I would typically think about research, but it makes a lot of sense for this class. As long as we... more
            • Only natural - Laura Hansen, Sun Nov 2 16:15
              I agree Emily! It seems only natural that if something doesn't seem to be producing positive results or somethings doesn't appear to be working in our classrooms, we make change. I like how you... more
        • Great Questions - Rachel Yakey , Fri Oct 31 19:59
          Emily, I have been wondering the same things. I love collecting the data and get a feel for the needs of my students and even seeing improvement in such a short time. But what if all of this data... more
        • beneficial but not miraculous - Stacy, Fri Oct 31 13:30
          Coding made me feel better about things, however, I am not sure that I am doing it properly. I just feel better about getting unto the data and seeing what kind of sense it will make. I was very... more
          • I love tables! - noltja 65, Sun Nov 2 09:10
            I love tables because everything is presented right in front of me to compare which works much better for my brain!! It just seems much more obvious to me. My problem with coding is that I am... more
    • Chapter 6 Response - Rachel Yakey, Wed Oct 29 21:51
      After reading chapter six I really enjoyed the strategies of looking at what the data means and what the plan would be now that the teacher has fully summarized data collected. This to me is the... more
      • Specific Focus - Susan Gibson, Thu Oct 30 20:33
        I think you are right about looking at the data and reflecting on what is working and what is not is a crucial piece in making growth with our students. To answer your question, I think it would be... more
        • Data each year - Rachel Yakey, Sat Nov 1 20:38
          Susan, I know that I usually have one area I would like to work on, especially once we get some information back on what students understand and are struggling with. I am excited to collect data each ... more
    • use of Ch 6 - Stacy, Tue Oct 28 17:08
      Chapter 6 brought a lot of order to my thought process about the research question that Ashley and I are working on. The whole idea of data analysis has had me up at night sometimes because no matter ... more
      • Enough Data - Susan Gibson, Thu Oct 30 20:40
        It sounds like you have quite a bit of data that you are collecting and it seems like that would be enough. I think the biggest thing is after looking at all those pieces of data is there a common... more
      • coding - hodgete, Thu Oct 30 20:12
        What kind of codes are you using? My partner and I chose colors, but the way we have our information organized right now, it is easy to identify what goes with which question. I am sure we will code... more
        • Our codes - Rachel Yakey, Fri Oct 31 19:46
          We are coded with colors for each group. I think it makes the most sense for us because we can see easily what interventions we are using with the results that go with them throughs student work and... more
        • codes? - Stacy, Fri Oct 31 13:07
          Ashley and I are using colors. We also have codes as far as Teacher Inquiry (TIN), Student Inquiry (SIN), and codes for the curriculum that I am using to teach like Central Ideas (CE) and so forth.... more
          • Stacy/Ashley codes - Rachel Yakey, Fri Oct 31 19:48
            That is a cool idea Stacy to do both. I bet that would help you see patterns and themes easily. Are you finding that to be the case?
            • code easier? - Stacy, Sat Nov 1 11:20
              Rachel, I am not sure if I am doing it properly, so in a way, it feels like it may be easier to do both. On the other hand, we may need to decide the way we will put it all together. I think it will... more
      • Have you started? - Emily Fox, Thu Oct 30 18:26
        So, Stacy, have you begun the coding process already? What types of codes did you use? It's nice to hear you say that it was the most beneficial thing you've done, because all the data seems to make... more
        • benefits - Stacy, Fri Oct 31 13:10
          Ashley and I just got started with coding. We are using colors and abbreviations. I am not sure how to organize everything yet, though. Which phase are you into right now? I say that it has been... more
          • Coding made things clearer - Emily Fox, Sun Nov 2 09:55
            When Susan and I first sat down to begin coding our notes, we were both a little confused about what to do with it. However, once we began just color-coding themes that we found in our reflections,... more
      • Re: use of Ch 6 - kimeljk, Wed Oct 29 09:46
        Stacy, I agree that I was a little uneasy when I didn't have any quantitative data with numerical data to compare and show growth, however with the coding aspect I feel as if it turns our qualitative ... more
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