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Susan Gibson
Specific Focus
Thu Oct 30, 2014 20:33

I think you are right about looking at the data and reflecting on what is working and what is not is a crucial piece in making growth with our students. To answer your question, I think it would be very beneficial to have a specific focus/question to work on every year. I think we ask students to make goals and reflect on our learning so as teachers we need to do the same thing. Every year around the end of the year I start thinking of things I could have done better during the year. So I usually try to pick a specific area to work on the next year. But now I can start collecting data to see if what I am doing is working instead of waiting until benchmarks or EOG tests to show me.

I was wondering about the themes and patterns as well. I am very nervous about the coding and making sure I am doing everything correctly!

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    • Specific Focus - Susan Gibson, Thu Oct 30 20:33
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