Fri Oct 31, 2014 13:07 (XFF:

Ashley and I are using colors. We also have codes as far as Teacher Inquiry (TIN), Student Inquiry (SIN), and codes for the curriculum that I am using to teach like Central Ideas (CE) and so forth. The reason why we chose these codes is to try to make sense of things on 2 levels: first we have broad categories that we use the colors for, and second, we are looking at the types of work and communication we have within those broad categories.
We haven't figured out how all of it will fit together yet. I think that may be the next logical step.

  • coding - hodgete, Thu Oct 30 20:12
    What kind of codes are you using? My partner and I chose colors, but the way we have our information organized right now, it is easy to identify what goes with which question. I am sure we will code... more
    • Our codes - Rachel Yakey, Fri Oct 31 19:46
      We are coded with colors for each group. I think it makes the most sense for us because we can see easily what interventions we are using with the results that go with them throughs student work and... more
    • codes? - Stacy, Fri Oct 31 13:07
      • Stacy/Ashley codes - Rachel Yakey, Fri Oct 31 19:48
        That is a cool idea Stacy to do both. I bet that would help you see patterns and themes easily. Are you finding that to be the case?
        • code easier? - Stacy, Sat Nov 1 11:20
          Rachel, I am not sure if I am doing it properly, so in a way, it feels like it may be easier to do both. On the other hand, we may need to decide the way we will put it all together. I think it will... more
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