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Fri Oct 31, 2014 13:10 (XFF:

Ashley and I just got started with coding. We are using colors and abbreviations. I am not sure how to organize everything yet, though.
Which phase are you into right now?

I say that it has been beneficial because it is all starting to make sense and come together. Instead of just being nervous, there seems to be more tangible stuff to make meaning.

  • Have you started? - Emily Fox, Thu Oct 30 18:26
    So, Stacy, have you begun the coding process already? What types of codes did you use? It's nice to hear you say that it was the most beneficial thing you've done, because all the data seems to make... more
    • benefits - Stacy, Fri Oct 31 13:10
      • Coding made things clearer - Emily Fox, Sun Nov 2 09:55
        When Susan and I first sat down to begin coding our notes, we were both a little confused about what to do with it. However, once we began just color-coding themes that we found in our reflections,... more
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