beneficial but not miraculous
Fri Oct 31, 2014 13:30 (XFF:

Coding made me feel better about things, however, I am not sure that I am doing it properly. I just feel better about getting unto the data and seeing what kind of sense it will make. I was very afraid before I started getting data together. I really like the idea of using the table to put it all together. But I am not sure how to do that yet.

  • Numbers are not my thing either! - Emily Fox, Thu Oct 30 18:25
    Tavia, I totally agree with you. I chose reading as a specialty focus for a reason! This chapter leaves me feeling a variety of ways. I am relieved to be reminded that this process is much more... more
    • numbers - noltja 65, Sun Nov 2 09:08
      Yes, I agree that I was a bit intimidated by the idea of collecting lots of numerical data. Luckily, once we got into the groove of our project, it all seemed much more doable than I had originally... more
    • numbers and changes - Melissa Boyd, Sat Nov 1 16:02
      Emily, I have the same questions. The data summary really helped to focus our study but also led to some changes in interventions. Laura and I discussed this at length what effects this might have on ... more
      • Changes are data too - Emily Fox, Sun Nov 2 10:00
        After thinking on this question a few days, I am reminded that the purpose of this research study is to do what is best for our students, based on our findings of the project. If what we begin isn't... more
        • Re: Changes are data too - Ashley Pennell, Sun Nov 2 22:19
          Emily, I agree that making changes to instruction is data. We do this inherently, almost without noticing, and sometimes multiple times a day. I think that this type of research is giving us the... more
        • data and changes - catheyt, Sun Nov 2 17:24
          I agree with you Emily. Our teaching has to grow and change with our students. This is not how I would typically think about research, but it makes a lot of sense for this class. As long as we... more
        • Only natural - Laura Hansen, Sun Nov 2 16:15
          I agree Emily! It seems only natural that if something doesn't seem to be producing positive results or somethings doesn't appear to be working in our classrooms, we make change. I like how you... more
    • Great Questions - Rachel Yakey , Fri Oct 31 19:59
      Emily, I have been wondering the same things. I love collecting the data and get a feel for the needs of my students and even seeing improvement in such a short time. But what if all of this data... more
    • beneficial but not miraculous - Stacy, Fri Oct 31 13:30
      • I love tables! - noltja 65, Sun Nov 2 09:10
        I love tables because everything is presented right in front of me to compare which works much better for my brain!! It just seems much more obvious to me. My problem with coding is that I am... more
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