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Emily Fox
Changes are data too
Sun Nov 2, 2014 10:00

After thinking on this question a few days, I am reminded that the purpose of this research study is to do what is best for our students, based on our findings of the project. If what we begin isn't working, we change it! (Just like how we run our classrooms naturally.) That in itself is data. Then, if our change works better, noting those changes and the difference in data, is important too! Going back to the chapters in the books have helped sort of "bring me back" to the purpose and goal of this project. Our goal is not to necessarily present data that is so powerful it will be published in some journal and we'll become famous educators for our research. (ha!) It is to help answer questions that we have about our own teaching, to help our own students, in our own classrooms. If we have the data to back up why we're doing something, then that seems good enough to me! What do you guys think?

  • numbers and changes - Melissa Boyd, Sat Nov 1 16:02
    Emily, I have the same questions. The data summary really helped to focus our study but also led to some changes in interventions. Laura and I discussed this at length what effects this might have on ... more
    • Changes are data too - Emily Fox, Sun Nov 2 10:00
      • Re: Changes are data too - Ashley Pennell, Sun Nov 2 22:19
        Emily, I agree that making changes to instruction is data. We do this inherently, almost without noticing, and sometimes multiple times a day. I think that this type of research is giving us the... more
      • data and changes - catheyt, Sun Nov 2 17:24
        I agree with you Emily. Our teaching has to grow and change with our students. This is not how I would typically think about research, but it makes a lot of sense for this class. As long as we... more
      • Only natural - Laura Hansen, Sun Nov 2 16:15
        I agree Emily! It seems only natural that if something doesn't seem to be producing positive results or somethings doesn't appear to be working in our classrooms, we make change. I like how you... more
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