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Sun Nov 2, 2014 17:28


Our study has really pointed out the connections between initial consonant recognition and the word concepts. Its interesting because its going along nicely with our other class, Beginning Readers and Writers. We are finding that our children who are progressing quickly are those who are developing phonemic awareness , specifically through picture sorts.

I think by looking at our data and the ways students are responding in small group I've begun to see the patterns (or themes).

  • Analyzing vs themes - Rachel Yakey, Fri Oct 31 19:51
    Oh! I feel almost the opposite. Reading this chapter did make me feel a lot better because I think analyzing the data to be the easiest for our study not the themes. May I ask what themes are popping ... more
    • themes - catheyt, Sun Nov 2 17:28
      • RE themes - Rachel Yakey, Sun Nov 2 20:09
        Thank you Tavia, That helps. I just think that our question is very large and that this small of a study combined with my years of teaching, makes it harder to answer. We are trying to figure out how ... more
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