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Rachel Yakey
RE themes
Sun Nov 2, 2014 20:09

Thank you Tavia,

That helps. I just think that our question is very large and that this small of a study combined with my years of teaching, makes it harder to answer. We are trying to figure out how differentiation aids student learning and other than just noticing that yes, differentiation helps, I'm not sure if I have seen a theme or pattern to HOW it helps. I think it is because we are doing several interventions to help see the different types differentiation.

Hopefully, we will find some themes and patterns.


  • themes - catheyt, Sun Nov 2 17:28
    Rachel, Our study has really pointed out the connections between initial consonant recognition and the word concepts. Its interesting because its going along nicely with our other class, Beginning... more
    • RE themes - Rachel Yakey, Sun Nov 2 20:09
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