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Kasey Gaines
Creating tables
Sun Nov 2, 2014 22:41

I really like the idea of creating a table with your research data. I feel like sometimes all of the data could be overwhelming, but a table would really help with condensing all of the information. Also, it is a quick way to look back on your data when you need to figure something out.

  • Data Organization - hodgete, Thu Oct 30 20:07
    To organize my data I separated the skills my partner and I are focusing on (for example, letter name recognition for upper and lowercase and letter sounds) by creating a table for each skill. Each... more
    • Creating tables - Kasey Gaines, Sun Nov 2 22:41
    • Re: Data Organization - kimeljk, Sat Nov 1 09:31
      What a great idea to organize your data in a table so that you can compare your data throughout the study more easily! Thanks for sharing I will have to suggest to my partner that we do this as well!
      • tables - Melissa Boyd, Sat Nov 1 15:51
        Laura and I are also using a table to organize our data. It has really helped us to see patterns in student learning and progress.
    • organization - Stacy, Fri Oct 31 13:14
      I would like to see that table. Is it on the wiki page? You sound as if you really have the organization side of things locked down. The way you've done that should help you to get the rest of the... more
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