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noltja 65
math and small groups
Wed Nov 19, 2014 13:07

Thanks Jenni! It really was a stretch for me to focus our research on music but I ended up learning right along with the kids! I would typically pull students for 5-10 minutes but sometimes longer if an individual student needed extra help. After that, I would roam around the class while Will was teaching and assist wherever possible. I definitely see the connections between math and music and we found a lot of info about math in our research. In the future, I will certainly be integrating much more music into my own classroom!

  • Re: Will and Jessica's presentation - kimeljk, Wed Nov 19 11:12
    Will and Jessica I love that you connected music and the effects it has on reading. I can tell that your research was very through and complex and you did a great way explaining that and giving... more
    • RE: Math integration - sellewc, Sun Nov 30 08:14
      That would be for an entirely different research course! I actually am more naturally able to incorporate math into music (rhythms, note intervals, music theory IS math!) This study was a great way... more
    • math and small groups - noltja 65, Wed Nov 19 13:07
      • Re: math and small groups - kimeljk, Mon Nov 24 15:07
        Jessica, Yes, I am very interested to see the correlation between math and music. Maybe an idea for another research project?! The results of your research make me want to incorporate music into my... more
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