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Rachel Yakey
Flipped Videos
Thu Nov 20, 2014 19:51

I do use specific video curriculum and because of that, my colleague and I usually make the videos ourselves to make sure that it is very specific to what we want to teach. The video length depends on what I am trying to front load my students with. But for my students, I probably would make a video longer than 15 minutes. Anything much longer, I don't think would hold their attention and kinda lose part of the appeal I am going for, i.e. student buy-in. I have found that my students have a very high retention rate after watching the flipped videos, even my struggling learners.

In terms of informing parents, during open house at the beginning of the year I gave all the parents a brochure for my classroom that has information about the flipped classroom. It is also on my website, There is a lot of stuff out there about this-both good and bad, but it has worked very positively in my classroom.

  • Flipped Classroom - noltja, Wed Nov 19 23:32
    Nice job on the presentation! Very interesting. I respect the fact that you decided not to use the Horizon's program based on the needs of your classroom. I am so intrigued by the flipped classroom... more
    • Flipped Videos - Rachel Yakey, Thu Nov 20 19:51
      • Re: Flipping Curriculum - sellewc, Mon Dec 1 20:55
        I'm sure you already have a way around this, but how do you include students without internet access? I know its 2014, but there are still students at my school that aren't connected, I'm sure its... more
        • Technology Issues - Rachel Yakey, Wed Dec 3 22:05
          I assign the video in advance, if I can't, then I book a lab so that everyone can get it done on time. I make sure that the videos are cell phone friendly, YouTube, etc. because a lot of my parents... more
    • Re: Flipped Classroom - kimeljk, Thu Nov 20 13:00
      Jessica, Rachel introduced this concept to me because it is used more in the middle school and upper grades, but I think it is something that 4th and 5th graders would enjoy. Rachel knows more about... more
      • Flipped! - noltja 65, Thu Nov 20 13:21
        Wow, that's a very informative video and page. This is such an interesting idea. I can only imagine how much this would have worked for my dreaded high school math classes. What a great topic for... more
        • Math videos - Rachel Yakey, Thu Nov 20 19:57
          I think it would help in a lot of classrooms as well. I know that I have used Youtube videos a ton to learn how to knit, etc. so I thought why not in my room? Just to clarify what Jennie said, not... more
          • Flipping - noltja, Thu Nov 20 20:18
            I wondered about students that didn't have access to computers at home. I love this idea! It reminds me of the lecture models that many of us are watching in grad school. When done well, they feel... more
            • Re Flipping - Rachel Yakey, Sat Nov 22 07:28
              Thank you, they are really fun to make as well!
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