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Thu Nov 20, 2014 22:10

Thanks for your comment Emily. Yes, the music tutor app is an awesome tool. We did not give any additional reading instruction to our students, it was purely music intervention. I most definitely agree that outside factors such as EC and reading class instruction need to be considered in our findings.

  • Response - Emily Fox, Thu Nov 20 20:03
    As a musician, I was very intrigued to see your presentation and hear your findings. While I have my own personal opinions of how music and academic performance correlate, it is nice to have research ... more
    • Re: Emily - sellewc, Mon Dec 1 21:04
      Thanks for the comments Emily. I'll definitely be gathering a survey of the curriculum of ELA instruction during this time to incorporate into our paper. I hope we didn't assert the notion too... more
    • response - noltja, Thu Nov 20 22:10
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