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Kasey Gaines
Re: Susan and Emily's presentation
Fri Nov 21, 2014 15:50

I really enjoyed your presentation! I have not began teaching yet and I don't know what grade I will be in, so I haven't really thought a lot about vocabulary instruction. I really liked the idea of the eight day cycle! Did it seem to work well in both of your classrooms, time wise? I worry about having enough time to fit everything in, so I was just wondering. During my internship in Block 2, the teacher I was with taught a new vocabulary word every day. She would show them a new word every morning and each student had a turn at putting the new word on the word wall. They absolutely loved it. Her instruction was more geared towards the definition, how it was spelled, part of speech, etc, so it was different then this. Your presentation made me wonder what would have happened if she would have made her vocabulary instruction into a cycle and geared it more towards how to use the words in their writing. I also thought it was interesting to see the student's examples. Not only did he, or she, seem to use richer vocabulary, but their responses were longer each time. I wonder if using "bigger" words inspired them to really get into writing! Great job!

  • Susan and Emily's presentation - koppenhaverd, Sun Nov 16 13:19
    Discuss Susan and Emily's presentation here. Have a true discussion. Ask them questions or make comments about their presentation. Compare their work to your own research or teaching experience.... more
    • Re: Susan and Emily - Ashley Carter, Fri Dec 5 13:33
      I was very interested in hearing the results of your study. I feel like vocabulary instruction is used in schools, but emphasizing the incorporation of this vocabulary in writing is not always done.... more
    • Re: Susan and Emily's presentation - Tracy Cornacchio, Tue Nov 25 12:22
      Your students have made great growth in using tier 2 vocabulary words in their writing. I love the visual the bar graph gives us to show your students growth. How do you know which vocabulary words... more
      • Technology - Susan Gibson, Wed Nov 26 11:21
        Emily explained where the words came from but here is a great resource you can use with your students that already have the lessons planned. more
        • Re: Technology - Tracy Cornacchio, Wed Nov 26 16:31
          Thank you for the resource!
      • vocab and technology - Emily Fox, Tue Nov 25 19:42
        Thanks for your feedback. As mentioned before, Susan used a series called "Text Talk" which provided pre-selected tier two words to go along with each read aloud. I used the pre-selected "Amazing... more
        • Re: vocab and technology - Tracy Cornacchio, Tue Nov 25 19:53
          Okay, I will have to look into some list for my classroom to start teaching more appropriate vocabulary! Thank you.
    • Presentation - Laura Hansen, Mon Nov 24 20:52
      Great presentation! I can tell that you both worked very diligently to develop a detailed intervention plan working to turn receptive vocabulary into productive vocabulary. You did an excellent job... more
      • Re Future Plans - Susan Gibson, Wed Nov 26 12:06
        I definitely plan on using this intervention plan throughout the year. I believe the intervention not only supported the students in their writing but is going to be a big help in their vocabulary... more
      • vocabulary we counted - Emily Fox, Tue Nov 25 19:38
        Thanks for your feedback Laura. As for the vocabulary that we counted as growth, we most definitely were looking for tier 2 words that had been taught. However, we counted any words students used... more
        • reply - Laura Hansen, Tue Nov 25 22:11
          Thanks for that clarification. I think your study was really awesome and I'm glad that its something that you hope to continue. Isn't it great when your students give you those little reminders? :)
    • Re: Susan and Emily's presentation - Ashley Pennell, Mon Nov 24 18:13
      Kudos to the two of you for focusing your research on vocabulary! I also thought it was interesting that your students felt less comfortable using "spicy" words after the interventions were put in... more
      • Student interviews as Data Sources - sellewc, Mon Dec 1 21:47
        You mentioned this in your presentation, but I'd like to speculate further that by asking certain questions in your interviews, you are guiding and leading students towards a certain biased answer.... more
      • Vocabulary time - Susan Gibson, Wed Nov 26 10:29
        My students did love vocabulary time. I would be like "Let's learn some new words" and they would always be like "yay! I can't wait Mrs. Shepherd". I think this was because of the strategies we used... more
    • Susan & Emily - Melissa Boyd, Mon Nov 24 17:02
      I enjoyed your presentation. I liked they way vocabulary instruction flowed smoothly into writing instruction. My students tend to compartmentalize their learning and don't always make the... more
      • Response to Melissa - Susan Gibson, Mon Nov 24 17:43
        I found that the more I modeled the words, the more the students used the words in their speaking and writing. Some days I did better than others due to lots of testing and feeling pushed for time.... more
        • info - Melissa Boyd, Mon Nov 24 17:56
          I agree that modeling is key, but I think your efforts in making students more aware of how their writing could be "spiced up" was a great motivator. Thanks for sharing!
    • vocabulary - hodgete, Sun Nov 23 20:07
      Did you both use the same vocabulary or did you just use vocabulary that pertained to your grade level and what you were teaching? I know that vocabulary can be taught at any grade level, but was... more
      • Vocabulary - Susan Gibson, Mon Nov 24 17:46
        We did not use the same vocabulary words. Emily used the words that were in her mandated Basal Program where I used stories and words from the Text Talk sets at my school. We started off just... more
        • re: vocabulary - hodgete, Tue Nov 25 20:09
          I like that you used vocabulary that pertained to what you're teaching. That way it is relevant to the students. Teaching the students to underline their words is a great idea!
    • comfort levels - Stacy, Sun Nov 23 19:29
      I liked the part of your presentation that speaks of comfort levels. The graph looks like the bar lowered in the post analysis. I am proud of the students for their honesty. Being uncomfortable when... more
      • Comfort Levels and Limitations - Susan Gibson, Mon Nov 24 17:52
        I am right there with you Stacy. I think the fact that my students became more aware of their comfort level and their use of words show that they grew right there because they were having to think... more
        • limitations - Stacy, Wed Nov 26 07:34
          We left that part out of ours as well. I think we were so focused on trying to make what we did clear, that we didn't even think about the limits. When I speak of limits for you guys, it isn't really ... more
        • Comfort levels - Melissa Boyd, Tue Nov 25 13:09
          i agree! The fact that your students are thinking more deeply about their writing is something that will stay with them and continue to grow as they move to higher grades.
    • student responses - noltja 65, Sat Nov 22 20:36
      I enjoyed watching your presentation. To me, the most interesting data of your research was the students response post intervention. It was so interesting that they now felt less comfortable using... more
      • Student Responses/Awareness - sellewc, Mon Dec 1 21:53
        Jessica-This happens in music as well! As students become more fluent and are able to play at a more difficult level, they become more aware of right/wrong and are definitely much more self critical. ... more
      • Response to Jessica - Susan Gibson, Sun Nov 23 12:20
        Emily and I both thought the student interviews were very insightful into our students' minds. I feel like when we first interviewed them they were like "yea I feel great" or " sure I use them a... more
        • Response to Jessica - Emily Fox, Sun Nov 23 19:30
          Jessica, It's funny you mentioned showing the graph to my students because I actually thought about doing that the other day! Throughout our study, they knew they were helping me with a project for... more
    • Productive Vocabulary - Rachel Yakey, Sat Nov 22 10:46
      Great topic and presentation. Vocabulary is one of those areas where we all seem to wonder how to teach/present/use instruction effectively to help our students. The data that showed how your... more
      • Response to Rachel - Susan Gibson, Sun Nov 23 12:29
        My school purchased a Text Talk kit written by Isabella Beck a few years back but they are geared more towards k-3 so I never used them when I was in 4th grade. The word were preselected. Four of the ... more
        • Re Susan - Rachel Yakey, Sun Nov 23 12:51
          Wow! Haughtily and Feverishly! It would be cool if they used them in their writing, but like your research said (if I remember correctly) words used in writing typically follow speech patterns. Did... more
          • Rachel - Susan Gibson, Sun Nov 23 13:10
            For that specific cycle of words, we had to take the Cogat test one week and our 1st quarter benchmarks so both of those took up much of our day so I didn't do much talking on those days and was just ... more
            • re-Rachel - Emily Fox, Sun Nov 23 19:20
              I agree with Susan. The more I modeled the words in speech, the more comfortable the students became using the words. In my classroom, I saw a great deal of growth in the words they were using when... more
            • Makes sense - Rachel Yakey, Sun Nov 23 13:23
              That does make a lot of since of the frequency of use, but you are right, the balance of time with so many areas that need addressed is a big struggle. Like I have been saying for the last year (lol) ... more
              • Vocabulary Ideas - Susan Gibson, Sun Nov 23 13:51
                Some of the text talk strategies could be used to develop tier 2 words with the books you are reading. You could just introduce a few words a week. But middle school vocabulary is primarily developed ... more
                • Prefix, etc - Rachel Yakey, Sun Nov 23 16:47
                  The middle school vocabulary is developed through word parts. I have to teach them how to break down a word in the first nine weeks or so, but then they can start to see how a word is built. You're... more
                  • words at any age - Emily Fox, Sun Nov 23 19:27
                    One of the things I found interesting within some of our research was that it doesn't really matter at what point we teach kids certain words. For example, many parents were surprised that my 2nd... more
                    • any age - Melissa Boyd, Mon Nov 24 16:52
                      i agree Emily. My first graders love using "big words." We have been discussing metacognition in reading. We even have a song about it. It is amazing to hear them using this word correctly in... more
                    • Kid Friendly - Rachel Yakey, Mon Nov 24 07:20
                      I agree, Emily. It is nice to know that word selection doesn't seem to be the biggest issue as long as students can understand the context of the word. Time, time, time, seems to the biggest issue... more
    • Re: Susan and Emily's presentation - Kasey Gaines, Fri Nov 21 15:50
      • re: Kasey - Emily Fox, Fri Nov 21 18:28
        I hadn't thought about the amount of writing on the second response possibly being due to their knowledge of the new words. Most definitely, I would attribute it partly to them having a better... more
    • Re: Susan and Emily's presentation - kimeljk, Fri Nov 21 10:23
      I love that you know the benefits of vocabulary instruction, but looked to focus on why students don't use rich vocabulary in their speech and writing. Using actions as a way to remember vocabulary... more
      • re: kimeljk - Emily Fox, Fri Nov 21 18:32
        Thanks for your response. The 8-day cycle actually worked nicely. At the beginning of our study, we were going to do new words each week. But we didn't feel we were giving kids enough time to learn... more
        • re: kimeljk - kimeljk, Mon Nov 24 15:05
          Emily, I'm glad that 8 days worked for you all. I was worried about students growing sick of the same words or story, but it seems that you all presented it to your students in a way that they didn't ... more
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