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Emily Fox
re: Kasey
Fri Nov 21, 2014 18:28

I hadn't thought about the amount of writing on the second response possibly being due to their knowledge of the new words. Most definitely, I would attribute it partly to them having a better understanding of the question in general. Throughout the week, this question drove our reading instruction with the stories we read and the things they wrote.

We kept a vocabulary word wall of all the new "spicy" words the kids learned over the span of the study. This really helped kids refer back to words they'd previously learned. The kids also LOVED when they were able to use the words in speaking. (Or when they could catch me use it). I don't think we're going to be able to stop talking about "spicy words" this year!

  • Re: Susan and Emily's presentation - Kasey Gaines, Fri Nov 21 15:50
    I really enjoyed your presentation! I have not began teaching yet and I don't know what grade I will be in, so I haven't really thought a lot about vocabulary instruction. I really liked the idea of... more
    • re: Kasey - Emily Fox, Fri Nov 21 18:28
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