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Emily Fox
re: kimeljk
Fri Nov 21, 2014 18:32

Thanks for your response. The 8-day cycle actually worked nicely. At the beginning of our study, we were going to do new words each week. But we didn't feel we were giving kids enough time to learn the words. Most of our vocab instruction was correlated with the reading story for the week, so it was easy to "fit in". Plus, we feel it's truly and important part of our daily routines, so 10-15 min a day, focused on new words and practice, didn't seem too bad.

  • Re: Susan and Emily's presentation - kimeljk, Fri Nov 21 10:23
    I love that you know the benefits of vocabulary instruction, but looked to focus on why students don't use rich vocabulary in their speech and writing. Using actions as a way to remember vocabulary... more
    • re: kimeljk - Emily Fox, Fri Nov 21 18:32
      • re: kimeljk - kimeljk, Mon Nov 24 15:05
        Emily, I'm glad that 8 days worked for you all. I was worried about students growing sick of the same words or story, but it seems that you all presented it to your students in a way that they didn't ... more
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