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response to Nicole
Sat Nov 22, 2014 11:43

Thank you! In our data display we had a chart that showed the growth of all students from the beginning to the end and had actually put it in the presentation as well, but at the last minute we felt that it might be viewed as redundant and took it out.
We felt it was important to see what letters the students knew (upper and lower) as well as the sounds that they associated with the letter. Like you said, the sounds is what they use when reading and is for that reason important for them to know.
Thanks for the comments!

  • Re: Tavia and Tiphani's presentation - Tracy Cornacchio, Sat Nov 22 08:48
    I think you both did a great job collecting data and using appropriate interventions with your students. I liked how you collected data on the students letter sounds, upper case letter recognition,... more
    • response to Nicole - hodgete, Sat Nov 22 11:43
      • Re: response to Nicole - Tracy Cornacchio, Sat Nov 22 12:55
        Okay, I understand your reason for not putting it in there! Once again great work!
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