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Tracy Cornacchio
Re: Writing tied to reading
Sat Nov 22, 2014 12:58

Yes, we also teach Letterland daily in both of our classrooms. The students learn the letters sounds through Letterland but it is so great seeing our students using the sounds they know and tying it into their writing by using letter-sound correspondence!

  • Writing tied to reading - Rachel Yakey, Sat Nov 22 11:58
    It was great to see how much your students improved. I noticed that you had assessed their letter correspondence. Did you work on that in your reading time as well? Do you think there was a... more
    • Re: Writing tied to reading - Tracy Cornacchio, Sat Nov 22 12:58
      • Letter Land - Rachel Yakey, Sun Nov 23 13:30
        Did you use the specific language of letter land to reinforce their writing or did you see it come naturally when they were writing?
        • Re: Letter Land - Tracy Cornacchio, Tue Nov 25 10:17
          For some of them it comes naturally but for some of the lower students they will stretch out a word like "cat" and say, "Oh, I hear clever cat and the beginning of the word". It really just depends... more
      • letterland - Stacy, Sat Nov 22 16:17
        What is Letterland? I assume it helps students recognize letters, but I am not familiar with that particular process. Also, what kinds of writing prompts do you give to students that age? Do you find ... more
        • Re: letterland - Tracy Cornacchio, Tue Nov 25 10:20
          Letterland focus more on the letter sound and each letter is a character in Letterland. For example the letter "a" is Annie Apple and she says /a/. The students learn about each character and the... more
          • prompts - Stacy, Tue Nov 25 15:52
            I notice the same thing with 8th graders and writing. Even some of the most reluctant to write will write on a topic that they feel like they own.
            • Prompts - Candie Hedrick, Fri Nov 28 20:27
              Before I started writer's workshop this year, I did give my students a prompt and it was much harder for them to write. All of my writer's workshop writing will be for the students to choose their... more
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