noltja 65
ipad app
Sat Nov 22, 2014 20:48

Thanks for your response. Yes, the app was very popular with the students and we felt that a video would allow others to understand the main concept of our research. It was hard to explain that without the video.

I was also aware of the impact of music on students before this project but now have a new found love and appreciation for the instruction of music. I can't wait to get my own children signed up to play an instrument.

  • Music and Reading - hodgete, Sat Nov 22 10:19
    I really enjoyed the overall research study. You always hear the students who can play musical instruments typically have better reading scores. Before reading your research, I had not really ever... more
    • ipad app - noltja 65, Sat Nov 22 20:48
      • Video - Candie Hedrick, Sat Nov 29 16:39
        I really appreciated the video of the student using the Music Tutor app. When Tracy and I read the previous material before this presentation, the music tutor app confused us a little. It is like you ... more
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