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Susan Gibson
Response to Jessica
Sun Nov 23, 2014 12:20

Emily and I both thought the student interviews were very insightful into our students' minds. I feel like when we first interviewed them they were like "yea I feel great" or " sure I use them a lot". But once we placed such an emphasis on using spicy words in their writing they began to see that it was harder than they thought but they still rose to the challenge!

I personally haven't shown the chart to my students but I do brag on them about how much more they are using spicy words than when we started the school year. That really gives them motivation to continue to use more exciting words instead of the boring words.

  • student responses - noltja 65, Sat Nov 22 20:36
    I enjoyed watching your presentation. To me, the most interesting data of your research was the students response post intervention. It was so interesting that they now felt less comfortable using... more
    • Student Responses/Awareness - sellewc, Mon Dec 1 21:53
      Jessica-This happens in music as well! As students become more fluent and are able to play at a more difficult level, they become more aware of right/wrong and are definitely much more self critical. ... more
    • Response to Jessica - Susan Gibson, Sun Nov 23 12:20
      • Response to Jessica - Emily Fox, Sun Nov 23 19:30
        Jessica, It's funny you mentioned showing the graph to my students because I actually thought about doing that the other day! Throughout our study, they knew they were helping me with a project for... more
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