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Ashley Pennell
Word Bank Response
Sun Nov 23, 2014 12:54

I think the word bank is a great way to build word recognition. The students in our study were all "taught" 100 sight words in kindergarten as part of a "sight word race"....however, when they came to me they had less than 10 sight words in memory. I have seen tremendous improvements in their contextual reading ability because they are no longer caught up on every word and can move through text able to recognize by sight many of the words they come across. There was really no trick to getting started beyond the teacher preparation. I used library pockets on made copies of the same words, cut them apart, and placed inside the pocket with that word on it. I did not make all of the sight words I thought they would need prior to beginning. Instead, I prepped for each book they were reading by using sight words in that book and making the word cards for it. My students could get new sight words to add to their word bank every day and those words came from the book that had been reread for the last time (out of the three rereads it was the book that would be left out in the next lesson because it had already been reread enough times). The ideas was that they encountered these words through rereading the text, when I pointed to them in the text asking the student "what is this word?" and then when they were collected sight words. I noticed a lot of motivation when my students realized that they knew the words from the books they were reading and that they knew the words in their word bank because they had been reading and rereading their books. I will continue using word banks with all but 2 of the students in our study -- and only because 2 students reaching their goal of 100 sight words and have moved into primer level texts. Good luck!

  • word bank - catheyt, Sun Nov 23 11:34
    You ladies did a great job. We also used Morris' et al Reading Development as part of our research with our struggling readers. It sounds like the students from our study are about where your's... more
    • Word Bank Response - Ashley Pennell, Sun Nov 23 12:54
      • thanks! - catheyt, Sun Nov 23 18:22
        Awesome! I'm definitely going to do this in my classroom. I think with all of my kinder students.
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