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Ashley Pennell
Sight Word Banks
Sun Nov 23, 2014 13:01

The word bank is a strategy from Morris' Howard Street Tutoring Manual and is used with readers in the emergent stage who do not have the sight vocabulary to support reading beyond pseudo-reading (memorizing the text). The word bank does track how many words they know from contextual reading. I didn't really care what individual words were in each of their word banks because I knew that all of the words were being pulled from the instructional level texts we were reading together. Every child's word bank was different, although many of the words were the same.. what one child knew by sight, another child may not have known. They collected new words each day from the text we were rereading for the last time (the book that we be thrown out of rereads after that day). Each students flashed their own words to themselves to practice - sometimes they had a buddy flash, or they used a sand timer to use to see if they could read all of their words in a minute. They also took their word bank (a baggy of words) home to practice each night. The idea is that pulling words from contextual reading and then reinforcing them with practice will allow for automaticity with those words from text to text. I am going to continue using word banks with 8 of the 10 students in our study. Morris says that once students have reached about 100 sight words, they have an adequate sight vocabulary to support contextual reading.

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