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Rachel Yakey
Re Stacy
Sun Nov 23, 2014 13:13

I think with this particular student and another in the group that wasn't a focal student, was their motivation. K is a really good student that tries to do his best on everything. M really liked the book and anything he could do with the book was awesome in his opinion. So in their particular case it is motivation. For other students, I think you just have to look at them as a case by case bases, in other words find what motivates each student. It is really difficult though, in my opinion, to know whether you are doing anything to help in some cases.

  • male student fluency - Stacy, Sat Nov 22 16:23
    What struck me in Emily's response was how well this went with the male students. Why do you think it had such a positive effect on the male students? Making growth in skills can be very difficult... more
    • Re Stacy - Rachel Yakey, Sun Nov 23 13:13
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