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Rachel Yakey
Re Word Bank
Sun Nov 23, 2014 13:17

Thank you, I will let you know how it works. It would be really cool to keep the data throughout the school year and see where your students end up at the end of the year. Will you be able to keep the groups you have going without Kasey there to facilitate a group? I wonder if with the data you have you convince your principal to give you an extra person.

  • Response to Rachel - Ashley Pennell, Sun Nov 23 13:07
    I am excited to see how much these students grow over the course of the year. Concept of word was the first step to getting them reading. I hope to see their word recognition develop further and... more
    • Re Word Bank - Rachel Yakey, Sun Nov 23 13:17
      • Groups - Ashley Pennell, Sun Nov 23 13:20
        I do have a teacher assistant in my room, but she works with the two groups of students who are on grade level or slightly above (12 students total). I will be able to keep groups going without Kasey ... more
        • Re Groups - Rachel Yakey, Sun Nov 23 13:27
          Sweet! It is really nice to have that support. It would really have sucked to see your students decline just because of lack of teachers. :)
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