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Melissa Boyd
Sun Nov 23, 2014 15:56

I was able to conduct this study during reading group time. I understand about losing assistance in your classroom. They loved the racetrack activity. You might try it with your third graders and see what happens. My students are now working in pairs with the racetracks. I have observed them assisting each other when they are struggling with words on the track. They are making their own flashcards and are helping each other. This is something they do when I am working with another group. I have had to make many changes to adjust for the lack of assistance in the classroom this year. This one has been successful!

  • Thoughts - Susan Gibson, Tue Nov 18 20:08
    What a great presentation! I thought you were very thorough and clearly explained your study. It was very easy to visualize what was happening during your intervention. Your data displays really... more
    • Questions - Laura Hansen, Sun Nov 23 22:06
      I do think that you could modify the intervention and use level appropriate high frequency words with your students. These interventions were part of the student's small group service time with me... more
      • Extra Intervention - Susan Gibson, Mon Nov 24 17:58
        I knew this was an additional intervention time for you. But reading what you said hit me and I have an EC student who really struggles with his sight word vocabulary. I am going to have to pass... more
        • condensed intervention - Laura Hansen, Mon Nov 24 20:17
          Susan, I can e-mail you the checklists that we used each week. We found those very helpful throughout our interventions.
          • Email - Susan Gibson, Mon Nov 24 21:24
            That would be great! Thanks so much!
            • e-mail - Laura Hansen, Tue Nov 25 18:32
              Sent it. Let me know if you don't get it or if there is anything else I can help with. I also included a modified version of the reading fluency checklist students used. Modification was simply... more
    • thoughts - Melissa Boyd, Sun Nov 23 15:56
      • reading group time - Susan Gibson, Mon Nov 24 17:56
        That is good to hear that you did it in your reading group. Currently I am using fluency sight word pyramids to help build my students' sight word vocabulary in context. My students really love them... more
        • Sight Word Pyramids - Candie Hedrick, Fri Nov 28 20:48
          Susan, If you would, I would love to see the sight word pyramids you are using in your class. Candie
        • Fluency pyramids - Laura Hansen, Tue Nov 25 18:34
          Susan, I would love to see the sight word pyramids you are using. They sound really neat!
          • Fluency Pyramids - Susan Gibson, Wed Nov 26 12:11
            I will email them to you. I really love them so far and I can see a big improvement of my students fluency with sight words and just in general.
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