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Rachel Yakey
Read Alouds
Sun Nov 23, 2014 16:41

You bring up a very good point, Melissa, about our students hearing enough "good reading". When I had a block schedule (120 minutes) for ELA I always did a read aloud and my students loved it. It was a time to sit and relax and just listen to a story. Now, I only do read a loud at the beginning of the school year and I have them keep a response journal. It takes up to 20 minutes of instructional time, leaving 40 mins for them to be reading, if that. But they still love it! My second period applauded when we finished the book, asked about sequel and when the movie was coming out. :) The thing that gets me is they always tell me thank you for reading the way I do: with expression. If the character is screaming, I'm screaming, etc.
It would be interesting to perhaps at the beginning of the year, give them a few recordings of different readings and have them rate it based on criteria. Then transfer what they are saying to how they read.

I haven't had them listen to their actual reading, but I think that would be a wonderful idea. I did try having them chart their data and it kinda worked. Most of the time spent was teaching them how to graph and they were a bit concerned when it dropped on their second set of repeated readings. With one student though, I think it really did help him to see that he could be a reader.

  • accuracy vs. rate - Melissa Boyd, Sun Nov 23 15:40
    I do think more grown-up versions of these interventions would be useful. Maybe something that was more competitive or even have them chart/graph their growth. Do you record their reading and let... more
    • Read Alouds - Rachel Yakey, Sun Nov 23 16:41
      • Models and Rubrics - Laura Hansen, Sun Nov 23 21:55
        Rachel, I am an avid audiobook listener. I love listening to the narration of a story and got excited when I read your idea of students rating various readings and I think it would be incredibly... more
        • Multidimensional Fluency Rubric - Ashley Pennell, Mon Nov 24 19:43
          We just discussed the subjectivity of using a scale to rate prosody, specifically Rasinski's scale, in Dr. Trathen's class this past Saturday. We even practiced "rating" the different areas of... more
          • Re Rubric - Rachel Yakey, Tue Nov 25 10:13
            It what ways would you modify it, since you are familiar with the rubric.
        • Rasinski's - Rachel Yakey, Mon Nov 24 07:16
          Laura, that is a great idea. I had thought to use people other than my students reading because I didn't want to embarrass anyone. Is that something I can get online or do you have a copy of it?
          • Rasinski - Melissa Boyd, Mon Nov 24 17:50
            Rachel--just google Rasinski's Four Point Fluency Rubric.
            • Re Melissa - Rachel Yakey, Tue Nov 25 10:14
              Thank you!
      • read alouds - Melissa Boyd, Sun Nov 23 18:42
        i try to read aloud as much as possible. I also have books on CD in a literacy station. On Fridays we have a mystery reader (parent, grandparent, school employee, community volunteers, etc) that read ... more
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